Titles - V

Vacation at Manor Hall Pt 1, Pt 2 - 83K - Rated PG - by Xaddicted
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully enjoy a restful vacation at Hall Manor...or do they?

Valleys of Lucidity Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 103K - Rated NC-17 - by XRae
SUMMARY: Six months after their expirience in Dayton, Mulder and Scully's relationship is slowly, and silently, falling apart. Sequel to Peaks of Insanity.

Vampire Series - Series - Rated NC-17 - by DiAnn
SUMMARY: A continuation of the Painful X-Perience series.

Vestigy Pt 1 & 2 - 201K - Rated R - by Lisby
SUMMARY: 'Vestigy' takes place in the near future, after the planned invasion of the planet, focusing on the radically altered existence of Walter Skinner. Readers may have to work a little to follow this story, as I have tried to write it "clear as mud" in the spirit of Chris Carter, but hopefully things are not as obscure as they may seem and, to quote LoneGunGuy, "The pay-off will be big."

Via Dolorosa - 112K - Rated R - by Satchie and Obfusc8er
SUMMARY: None given.

Victory Cap - 74K - Rated PG-13 - by dee_ayy
SUMMARY: Baseball is the key to life for Mulder as he recovers from the events of "Amor Fati."

Vision - 88K - Rated NC-17 - by Ewa
SUMMARY: Mulder is in the dark yet sees.

Vortex - 37K - Rated PG - by Truthwebothknow
SUMMARY: "Scully looked at his face carefully, noting that the familiar Mulder excitement glittered in his eyes like fireflies. Relieved beyond belief to see something in him she hadn't seen in a while, certainly not since his enforced medical leave after the terrible accident 3 months ago."

Vito Belmondo - 28K -   Rated: PG-13 - by  Pattie  Category:  MA, SA, MT, Case file. Spoiler(s): Somewhere in Season 5.

SUMMARY: A "pot shot" or attempted murder?  Mulder enters The Boston Marathon and doesn't get past the starting line.

Vulnerability - 6K - Rated PG-13 - by Donna
SUMMARY: Soul searching.