Titles - O

Obedience Training Pt 1, Pt 2 - 116K - Rated NC-17 - by DiAnn
SUMMARY: Skinner's brother is back and Mulder is in trouble again.
Rating Level 2

The Obsession - 12K - Rated R - by Agent Ross
SUMMARY: A former convict returns to exact revenge on Mulder.

Obsession - 26K - Rated NC-17 - by Mulderslady
SUMMARY: Some one has a deadly Obsession with one of our favorite FBI agents, and finally decides to act on their desires.

Ocean - 84K - Rated R - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: Mulder has a promise to keep, dragging Scully with him at the same time a killer she caught escapes prison. As things go awry, it's only a matter of time before they get seriously screwed up.
Rating Level 4

Oceans Irate - 50K - by Charleyne Hall
SUMMARY: Mulder is severly injured when a drug bust takes a deadly turn. Alone and isolated on an island, who will save him now?
Rating Level 3

Odd Man Out - 12K - Rated G - by Jo-Ann Lassiter
SUMMARY: Scully invites a date into her apartment, and they embark on what looks to be a promising evening--until her "houseguest" makes his presence known.
Rating Level 1

Of Two Minds - 44K - Rated PG - by Girlie_girl7
SUMMARY: Mulder has amnesia and it goes downhill from there.

Office Visit - 11K - by mulderache
SUMMARY: Mulder is back home and it's time to go with Scully to the doctor's office. Nothing is ever easy with Mulder.

Offspring - 43K - Rated PG-13 - by Donna
SUMMARY: They've been used, again.
Rating Level 4

Oh What a Night - 89K - Rated PG - by Cheryl Cohen and Annie Reed
SUMMARY: On Halloween, Mulder is drafted to baby-sit some small relatives and his well-meaning efforts to take them trick or treating cause nothing but trouble.
Rating Level 3

Oklahoma Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8 - 924K - Rated NC-17 - by Amperage and Livengoo
SUMMARY: It's 1987 and the Oklahoma cops have an unsolvable case. Fox Mulder, golden boy of the VCU, is called in to stop the murders of children across the state. What he finds takes him places he never wanted to go and forces him to make the pivotal choice of his life.
Rating Level 4

Old Nemesis, Chapter 6 of The Journey Home - 37K - Rated PG - by Pepper
SUMMARY: Special Agent Fox Mulder gets caught snooping by Spender and sent to a parallel world that had just been discovered. It is the 1860's there and Fox is sent to the year, 1862, where he has been trapped in the body of a twelve year old there to stay until Spender brings him back.

On the Dock By the Bay - 22K - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: "Beyond the Sea" missing scene - Mulder and Scully wait for the ambulance after Mulder is shot.
Rating Level 3

On the Safe Side - 39K - Rated NC-17 - by Satchie
SUMMARY: Mulder's simple injury leads to an unusual emergency room visit.

Once Again - 10K - Rated PG - by Christine Leigh
SUMMARY: New Year's Eve 2001 in a familiar setting.

Once Upon a Halloween - 72K - Rated NC-17 - by Sculder
SUMMARY: Mulder is side tracked on his way home from work and Skinner's not happy.

Once Upon a Time - 11K - Rated PG - by Mary Kleinsmith
SUMMARY: MulderAngst and his thinking just a little too much.

One Link - 61K - by GenieVB
SUMMARY: Mulder is taken hostage and a woman learns a hard lesson.

One Man's Journey - 11K - Rated PG - by Obfusc8er
SUMMARY: None Given.

One More Breath - 28K - Rated PG - by Teall1
SUMMARY: Mulder becomes ill after a gunshot wound and needs a tissue transfer, with a match possible only from his biological family. Who will give it and who will match him?

One More Drive - 37K - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: Post ep for Drive with a minor twist.

One on One - 13K - Rated PG - by Dawn
SUMMARY: Scully learns the origins of Mulder's love of basketball.

Only Skin Deep Pt 1Pt 2 - 216K  -  Rating:  NC-17 -  by  mimic117- Category:  S, A, M/S established relationship.  Some very disturbing content.  Setting:  Season 7-ish.  
SUMMARY:  "Squinting against the ache in his head, Mulder tried to focus.  Waist-length blonde hair framed a lovely, heart-shaped face.  Bright blue eyes were surrounded by thick, black lashes.  A button nose perched above a full, cupid's-bow mouth.  Her petite body was lushly curved and definitely not a
child's, in spite of the piping voice which made her sound like one. Her voice was vaguely familiar although he was pretty sure he'd never seen her face before.  He did recognize the gun pointed at him, though.  It was his."

One Time Opportunity - 61K - Rated PG - by Joann Humby
SUMMARY: Mulder gets ordered to go out on his own to follow up the plane crash investigation (Tempus Fugit/Max). Scully goes into hospital, but can't stop thinking about the investigation. Skinner, well you'll have to read it to find out about him.

Only the Ones Who Believe - 6K - Rated PG-13 - by Michelle Kiefer
SUMMARY: And gravity throws all these rules in our way
And sometimes the spirit refuses to play
Rating Level 2

Ordeal - 12K - Rated NC-17 - by Elisa
SUMMARY: Mulder imprisoned in Russia finds the Commander of the camp to be different from what he expected....

Order in the Court - 19K - Rated PG-13 - by Jenna
SUMMARY: A few of the more famous MT writers of Mulder's Refuge go on trial for "virtual aggravated assault."

Operation PS2  - 23K -  Rated PG -  by Kathy Foote. Category: Humor           SUMMARY: Who knew so much strategy went into planning a shopping trip.

Osmosis Pt 1, Pt 2 - 104K - Rated R - by Michelle Kiefer
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate a rash of violent crimes and meet a man who cannot speak and the young woman who can hear him. Originally written for I Made This Productions Virtual Season 8.

The Other Man - 76K - Rated R - by Jess M
SUMMARY: Something's wrong with Mulder and Scully goes nuts, a bit. Or does she? {mysterious look} This puppy is dark, dark, dark and gloomy. There's some love in there. And some physics mumbo-jumbo. And a bunch of science I know nothing about. Thanks to Darla for the quote, and the lurve.
3rd Place Winner (3-way tie) in the 2001 Spooky Awards, Outstanding Mulder Torture Category, sponsored by MiJ.

Other Options - 43K - Rated PG - by Donna
SUMMARY: Mulder finds something to do while Scully's on vacation.
Rating Level 1

Otherworldly Violins - 13K - Rated R - by Foxhunt2blue
SUMMARY: Written for the IWTB Halloween challenge.

Our Ladies of Sorrow Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6 - 453K - Rated NC-17 - by Paige Caldwell and frogdoggie
SUMMARY: Mulder, Scully and Skinner join forces to face a deadly supernatural foe in Wisconsin.

Out Cold - 60K - Rated PG-13 - by dee_ayy
SUMMARY: Mulder is found in his rental car and taken, unconscious, to the hospital. Fill in for "Apocrypha."

Out of Control Series - Rated NC-17 - by Sonja Blue
SUMMARY: On a Saturday night Mulder just wants to have some harmless fun, on his own terms. But things spin out of control... as usual.
Mulder/Krycek SLASH

Out of It - 5 K - Rated PG-13 - by Vered Gilad Friedman
SUMMARY: Mulder goes nuts while being without a job.

Out of the Blue - 3K - Rated G - by Whaleyf
SUMMARY: None given.

Out of the Cold Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5 - 427K - Rated R - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: It's 1991. Fox Mulder has been a profiler under Bill Patterson for over a year and a half. He's facing one of his hardest cases, and a nasty cold. Both of them are about to get a lot worse.
2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best X-File
Rating Level 4

Out of the Dark Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5 - 973K - Rated NC-17 - by Kassandra
SUMMARY: How far will a man go to escape the inside of his own head? When Frohike sends Mulder to a vacation on a sexual Fantasy Island, he finds himself falling under the spell of Alex Hoffman. Ultimately, Hoffman's obsession with Mulder leads him to danger, from which Skinner must help him escape.
Rating Level 4

Out of the Mouth of Babes - 29K - Rated R - by Brown Eyed Girl
SUMMARY: Pre-X-Files. Mulder is partnered with Reggie Purdue and has to answer for some rather reckless behavior.

Out of the Shadows - 103K - Rated R - by Joann Humby
SUMMARY: It's 1991 and Mulder is working for Behavioral but is about to get caught up in a string of cases that make him think it's time to leave. Scully is working at Quantico. R for violence and some bad language.

Out of the Woods - 6K - Rated G - by Agent L
SUMMARY: Mulder makes a choice.

Outrunning Moirae Pt 1, Pt 2 - 226K - Rated R - by Jennifer Stoy and Rachel Ehrentreu
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate a missing girl and a mysterious medical patient. During the course of this search, loyalties are questioned, dangerous complications ensue, and you may not be who you are.

Ovan Akta - 118K - Rated PG-13 - by Foxfirex_00 and Girlie_girl7
SUMMARY: No summary available.
Rating Level 3