Restoration of MiJ (including EMXC) began in January 2018, after a suspected virus had left EMXC unusable, and Lisa's real life took priority. I'd planned to gift this to her when completed, but haven't heard back since after my initial email contact with her. I've now unhidden this site from search engines so that these stories may be enjoyed again. is a project aimed at restoring and/or resurrecting some of the fabulous X-Files Fan Fiction sites, while at the same time not compromising the privacy of any authors who no longer want their fics archived under their original names.

A pseudonym is allocated for any authors who no longer want their names associated with their “youthful indiscretions”,or authors who used what appear to be uncommon real names and can’t be contacted. This can be an established pen name that they’ve provided before, or I may make slight changes to the spelling of a name or use/remove initials to make a name more common. This is in no way an attempt to remove the rights of the original author, but to protect their right to privacy while keeping their masterpieces out where they can be enjoyed. If I google the name and get hundreds of results, or the author is well known in the fandom and hasn't requested a change, I'll keep the name.

Whilst these stories are generally available via the Wayback Machine Internet Archive, and many are on Gossamer, they’re not searchable there, and they can’t be linked to or easily shared from Gossamer. I hate to think that the time and effort that was put into creating these sites and stories isn't lost.

Where possible I try to retain as much as I can of the original pages and layouts, especially where entire sites or parts of sites are recreated, as I want them to be close to the author’s original creations as possible. This means a lot of old .txt files, and some ancient HTML. Images are often sucked into an internet black hole and have to be recreated, usually without knowing what the originals looked like. If anyone has access to any originals, please send them my way :)

A lack of current contact details makes it all but impossible to contact individual authors. If you’re an author featured here and have stumbled across your work, please appreciate that it’s here because it’s still bringing happiness to new generations of fans. If for some reason you'd like it to be archived under a different name or removed completely, just ask.

Feel free to link directly to any works on this site as long as your link is done under the assigned pseudonym. You may be aware of the original author name, but the intent is for their real names to not pop up on Google under a search by name only. Any pages uploaded prior to being fully reviewed are blocked from Google until maintenance is complete, and linking to a page can compromise this so a note will appear on that page asking to contact us prior to linking. Text (.txt) files are excluded from search engines so they may contain more personal details of the author.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

I-Don't-Wanna-Wrestle - re-archivist.

DISCLAIMER: The stories, characters, images and pages remain copyright by the original owners.
This is a labor of love – no money is being made by or by the original fanfic writers or archivists.