Titles - B

Babe - 84K - Rated NC-17 - by eggplant
SUMMARY: If losing a little freedom was the price Mulder had to pay for being cared for and doted over, he was willing to give up some freedom. Freedom was all he'd had when no one gave a shit about him, and it was definitely overrated. SLASH, DOMESTIC ABUSE

Backlash - 307K -  Joann Humby RATING: R (mostly for language) CLASSIFICATION: X A SPOILERS: Set post S9  

SUMMARY: After a year on the run, a series of bombings mean that everyone agrees that it's time for Mulder and Scully to stop running. The first part of this story was posted as my "movie teaser" but then the story developed a mind of its own and ran off in its own direction. 

Back to Normal - 67K - Rated PG-13 - by Ten
SUMMARY: After months of repressing their fears and feelings about her condition, Scully is in remission and things can go back to normal. But how do both partners react when Mulder gets sick?

Back Track - 37K - Rated R - by Brown Eyed Girl
SUMMARY: This one is set after "Mr. Skinner Goes to Washington", but it isn't really a sequel. Just a continuation of Mulder and Skinner's new 'arrangement'.

Back Where He Belongs - 19K - Rated PG - by Poor Mulder
SUMMARY: No summary available.
Rating Level 2

Backstreet Boys - 15K - Rated NC-17 - by Gaby
SUMMARY: Um...Mulder happens to find Krycek in a back alley...stuff happens...
Tie - 2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mulder/Krycek Story

Bad Boys - 30K - Rated NC-17 - by DiAnn
SUMMARY: Mulder does a little ill fated male bonding.

Bad Day at the ER - 30K - Rated PG - by Mady Bay
SUMMARY: Another trip to the ER turns into a crisis for our dynamic duo.
Rating Level 4

Bad Moon Rising Pt 1, Pt 2 - 152K - Rated R - by P. C. Rasmussen
SUMMARY: Skinner hands Mulder and Scully a case on a very brutal serial killer, who turns out to be no ordinary killer at all. After getting involved, the agents realize the nature of the case, although it does take Scully some time to come around to Mulder's way of thinking. Lucky for him, she does so in time to save his life.

Bad Moon Rising Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 360K - Rated NC-17 - by WickdZoot
SUMMARY: Sequel to Dark of the Moon.
Relationshipper warning: Mulder and Scully are getting a life and it's not with each other. No romance, however, that ain't the point.

Bad Night - 14K - Rated R - by babos
SUMMARY: Mulder is taken from his home by bad guys.

Bad Night 2: Old Photo - 10K - Rated PG - by babos
SUMMARY: Mulder winds up in the hospital and Scully is doing some thinking.

Bad Night 3: Confessions - 19K - Rated PG-13 - by babos
SUMMARY: Mulder wakes up in the hospital. Scully is by his side with a few questions.

The Bad Touch - 13K - Rated R - by Jess Lyn
SUMMARY: Beauty is not always what it seems… especially when it's coming from Frohike.

Bandaged Hearts - 8K - Rated PG-13 - by Suzanne
SUMMARY: Paper hearts/Post-episode. Mulder's at the end of his rope. Scully reels him back in.

Banshee Tears - 117K - Rated PG-13 - by Denise A. Agnew
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate a murder at a museum in Washington DC where they find an evil more prolific than anything they've encountered.

The Bar Scene: Better Light - 16K - Rated PG-13 - by Michelle Kiefer
SUMMARY: His recognition of her had been that of one damaged person to another--each of them a few fragments short of completion. There was nothing more.
Rating Level 1

The Bar Scene: Race the Wind - 14K - Rated PG-13 - by Michelle Kiefer
SUMMARY: Maybe it was as simple as wanting to see if her body remembered how to respond.
Rating Level 1

The Bar Scene: Untimely Frost - 11K - Rated PG-13 - by Michelle Kiefer
SUMMARY: It had been a little more than a week since Harold Spuller's death, and Scully was losing ground. He wondered sometimes if she'd just disappear one day, leaving a faint but indelible smudge on his life.
Rating Level 1

The Barbecue Series - by Susan Proto
Mulder reluctantly attends the birthday bash of someone he cares for very much. Of course, even a simple birthday party doesn't go quite as planned for our hero.
Rating Level 1-4

Barnacle Babies - 19K - Rated R - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: Comedy with a load of MT, and I really DO mean MT.

Bars on the Windows - 118K - Rated PG-13 - by Gemma Kingsley
SUMMARY: On the wrong side of the law, Mulder and Scully must prove their innocence while racing against time and the people who want them out of the way for good.

Basement Blues - 13K - Rated PG-13 - by Poormulder (Valerie)
SUMMARY: Mulder is trapped. How will he escape?

Baser Desires - 35K - Rated NC-17 - by Loren Q
SUMMARY: When the walls of denial crash down, what's Mulder left with?
SLASH - Warning, dark and violent.

The Bates Witch - 92K - Rated PG - by Xenith
SUMMARY: Mulder falls afoul of a witch's curse while investigating the mysterious death of a scuba diver in swim fins and tank, found unscorched in the middle of a burned out meadow, miles from water.

Batesville - 27K - Rated NC-17 - by Loren Q
SUMMARY: Sometime after Paper Hearts. Krycek gets to Mulder, in more ways than one.
SLASH, Non-consensual PWP. My Krycek is not a nice guy, and I want him that way.

Beached - 25K - Rated R - by Donna
SUMMARY: You know that fantasy about being on a deserted island...

Beacon in the Night - 35K - Rated NC-17 - by Rosalita

Beautiful - 18K - Rated G - by RocketMan
SUMMARY: Mulder gets amnesia.

The Beauty of Gray - 97K - Rated NC-17 - by San aka Humbuggie
SUMMARY: Mulder becomes passionately involved with a woman for whom he is willing to sacrifice everything - his job, his career, his friends and partner, and ultimately, his life.

Beauty's Beast - 63K - Rated PG-13 - by Susan Proto
SUMMARY: Mulder suffers love and loss.

'Because...I Love You?' - 23K  -  Rated PG - 13 XSketch SPOILERS: Up to Je Souhaite and then AU.  There's a brief allusion to my VS11 'Love's A Beach', and Waddles52's VS10 'A Night To Remember' Valentine's Specials at IMTP's site. CATEGORY: X, S, MSR, MT, A

SUMMARY: Thrills, spills...and gunshots.  Could Mulder be jeopardizing his and Scully's Valentine's Day for the last time?

Becoming judas Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 496K - Rated PG-13 - by darkstar
SUMMARY: In the nightmarish realm of earth after colonization, Mulder is offered everything he wants if he betrays everything he has ever believed.

Becoming Judas II: Resurrection Parts 1-3, Parts 4-6, Parts 7-9, Parts 10-12, Parts 13-15, Parts 16-18, Parts 19-21, Parts 22-24, Parts 25-27, Parts 28-29, Parts 30-32 - 790K - Rated PG-13 - by darkstar
SUMMARY: He sold his soul. Now he wants it back. Disgusted with the life he is living and the man he has become, Mulder breaks from the Colonists and risks everything for one last chance at humanity with Scully. But redemption, like betrayal, has its own price.

Before I Forget Blue - 10K - Rated R - by Jennifer-Oksana
SUMMARY: Never invest all your love in one person.
Rating Level 4

Before the Cold - 15K - Rated PG-13 - by Tara Avery
SUMMARY: Scully grieves at Mulder's side.

Before the Storm - 11K - Rated PG - by P.C.Rasmussen
SUMMARY: The thoughts of one man before the storm.

Begetting Monsters - 111K - Rated R - by P. C. Rasmussen
SUMMARY: Mulder gets into major trouble over an old case file he hasn't even read and Scully must do what she can to rescue him after she finally figures out he's missing. Major MulderTorture.

The Beginning (Parts I, II and III) - 44K - Rated PG - by Kristyn Collins
SUMMARY: A cryptic E-mail message forces the agents to return to Bellefleur, Oregon to investigate their "missing time." Which leads them to a very frightening discovery.

A Beginning of Faith - 40K - Rated PG-13 - by Cmdr Jade
SUMMARY: An older case of Mulder's has been paroled and Mulder doesn't show up for work the next day.

Behaving Badly - 120K - Rated NC-17 - by Leelee
SUMMARY: Mulder is bound to behave badly if his freedom is curtailed.

Being Alive - 24K - Rated PG - by Caroline McKenna
SUMMARY: Mulder learns to appreciate being alive.

Being Crazy Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8 - 644K - Rated NC-17 - by Branwell
SUMMARY: The X-files are gone and Mulder is lost without them. Scully is trying to keep things together for both of them. In the middle of this crisis Scully receives a plea for help from her brother Bill. She and Mulder must carry out an unauthorized investigation of a crime to save Bill's family. At the same time a memoir falls into Mulder's hands that Scully's sister Melissa believed to be an account of a Scully family member's past life. Mulder's curiosity overcomes his sensible resolve to avoid reading the story of a dark, difficult life that he and Scully supposedly once shared. He doesn't want to believe in the authenticity of the document. Then events in the present go out of control and drive out every other consideration.

The Belgian Truffle Killer - 8K - Rated PG - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: Basically no story. Just goofiness. Oh, and a lot of words.

Believing - 14K - Rated NC-17 - by Grey
SUMMARY: Mulder has a hard time getting Scully and Skinner to believe the truth about his new existence as a vampire.

Bells For Her - 20K - Rated PG - by Tara Avery
SUMMARY: You have her face and her eyes, but you are not her.

Bellyache - 15K - by mulderache
SUMMARY: Mulder has a bellyache.

Beneath the Surface - 68K - Rated PG-13 - by Ten
SUMMARY: Explanations for behaviour in the Beginning; just what was going on in Mulder and Scully's minds?

Bent on Winning - 16K - Rated PG - by Willa Dedalus
SUMMARY: Mulder is a handful when he's healthy. Now imagine, he's sick, and Scully's temporally not there. Pity the hospital staff yet?

Bereft - 11K - Rated PG - by Dawn
SUMMARY: Bereft - lacking something needed, wanted, or expected. A glimpse into part of Mulder's difficult night.

The Bermuda Experiment Pt 1, Pt 2 - 196K - Rated PG-13 - by Esther Walker
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully take a vacation with friends and become involved in their very own X-File. Mulderangst galore because it's so much fun to write.

Beside Her - 3K - Rated G - by Mulderache
SUMMARY: No summary available.
Rating Level 1

Best Laid Plans - 15K - Rated PG-13 - by Rachel Vagts
SUMMARY: A little fill in the blank action to deal with that sweet kiss.

Best Loved - 81K - Rated PG - by Lisdean Warner

The Best News - 44K - Rated PG-13 - by Kestabrook
SUMMARY: Ever angered that we never got to see Mulder learn of Scully's remission? This vignette provides that missing scene as well as Mulder's reaction to Scully's second chance at life.

The Best of Enemies - 58K - Rated NC-17 - by Reilly
SUMMARY: What happens to Mulder when a serial killer with a vengeance decides it's payback time (don't they always?).
Rating Level 4

The Best Presents - 10K - Rated PG - by Mary Kleinsmith
SUMMARY: Christmas with Mulder, past and present.

The Best Things - 180K - Rated R - by Skinfull
SUMMARY: Working with a clean slate. What would happen.

The Bet - 78K - Rated PG - by Xenith
SUMMARY: Mulder bets Scully that he can disappear so thoroughly over the weekend that she couldn’t find him. Scully takes him up on it then discovers how very necessary it is that she find him. Fast.

Betrayal - 25K - Rated R - by Laura Anne Gilman
SUMMARY: Mulder faces the ultimate betrayal.

Betrayal and Absolution - 31K - Rated PG-13 - by Mary Kleinsmith
SUMMARY: Scully's fate be after her decision regarding her son is something she never expected.

The Better Part of Valor - 22K - Rated R - by N'kala99
SUMMARY: Kids are being kidnapped and murdered. With no other choice, Mulder is called in to assist the VCS and investigate, with Scully and Skinner along for the ride.

Better Things Forgotten - 126K - Rated NC-17 - by Shorts
SUMMARY: When Mulder wakes up from a horrible crime he thinks he is 12.

Between the Eyes - 37K - Rated R - by Donna
SUMMARY: When Scully is injured they both have to rethink some things.

Between Sleep and Awake - 21K - Rated R - by XScout
SUMMARY: Somewhere between sleep and awake, dreams - and nightmares - become reality.

Between Time - 14K - Rated G - Deanna Dilbeck
SUMMARY: FTF Missing Scene - This story fills in the gap in time from the point of the alien ship leaving and Mulder and Scully ending up back in Washington.

Beyond Price - 35K - Rated PG - by dtg
SUMMARY: - Post ep for 'E.B.E.' - Mulder's little tumble on the catwalk yields unexpected results.

Beyond the Grave - 69K - Rated PG-13 - by Mary Kleinsmith
SUMMARY: "This couldn't be happening, Scully thought. Mulder had gone up against some of the most insidious killers in decades, not to mention some creatures that the general population couldn't possibly believe existed. There was no way he'd die in a simple car accident."

Beyond the Partnership - 15K - Rated G - by Ten
SUMMARY: "Beyond the Sea" if Mulder and Scully were no longer partners.

Beyond This Experience - 16K - Rated PG - by Agent L
SUMMARY: What if Skinner finds Mulder first?

Big Blue Blues - 27K - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: Mulder wished for a peg leg on the rock, but what if it came true?

Bigfoot - 149K - Rated R - by P. C. Rasmussen
SUMMARY: Mulder goes hunting after fairytales again and Scully tags along. Things don't turn out the way Mulder hoped they would and things go wrong... Wanna know more? Read the story. :o)

Birthday Dinner - 20K - Rated PG-13 - by Susan Proto
SUMMARY: It's Scully's birthday and much to Mulder's chagrin, she chose the restaurant.
Rating Level 2

Birthday Wishes - 9K - Rated PG-13 - by Kelly Paleczny
SUMMARY: It's Mulder's birthday. Could Scully have forgotten?
Rating Level 2

Bitch - 47K - NC-17 - by David S.
SUMMARY: "You're not going to say it?" she asked tersely.
"No, I'm not," he shot back.
"We'll see what your answer is in two hours."
He pulled on the restraints and rattled them. He was there until she said he could leave.
Rating Level 2

Bitter Almonds - 20K - Rated PG-13 - by Vasaris
SUMMARY: "Will you have a cup of tea?"
Rating Level 5

Bitter Harvest - 92K - Rated PG-13 - by Michelle Kiefer
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate the heart related deaths of seven young people in a small town. Will Mulder get too close to the truth?
2002 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mid-Length Story

Bitter Revenge - 40K - Rated R - by Barbara Tucker
SUMMARY: Mulder is abducted while running one morning by a killer that was put away by him years ago.
Rating Level 4

Black Demon - 73K - Rated PG-13 - by Christina Ortega
SUMMARY: Mulder is taken from his apartment by Alex Krycek, but after he has Mulder, he gets an unpleasant surprise. Now, it seems like everyone is trying to help Mulder, but why? *This is a short story that leads to Patient "X"/The Red and the Black*

Black Sails - 78K - Rated R - by Nina Smith
SUMMARY: Continuation of "A Dark Smear Under the Sky."

Blackwood - 78K - Rated NC-17 - by Susan Garrity
SUMMARY: An important section of "Fight the Future" from the author's point of view.

Bleeding Purple - 23K - Rated PG-13 - by R. M. Stratford
SUMMARY: Scully's burnt out and Mulder's in mental hell. Will things ever get back to the way they were before?
Rating Level 2

Blind Date Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 87K - Rated PG-13 to R - by Donna
SUMMARY: In response to a challenge.

Blind Faith - 48K - Rated PG-13 - by Scarlett Otter
SUMMARY: "So Doc, when are you gonna turn the lights back on?"
Scully's face darkened; the doctor was shining a pen light straight into Mulder's right eye.

Blizzard - 86K - Rated PG - by LC Brown
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are caught in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere without any shelter.

Blood - 8K - Rated PG - by RocketMan
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully donate blood.
Rating Level 2

Blood Alley - 110K - Rated R - by Deborah A. Deckert
SUMMARY: An ailing Mulder and a distracted Scully investigate serial killings with a paranormal bouquet in the Southern California Desert.
Rating Level 3

Blood and Breath - 132K - Rated R - by RivkaT
SUMMARY: Post-Gethsemane, and major changes are afoot. If there's a genre you don't like (and I think you know what I mean), stay away.

Blood and Ice - 64K - Rated PG - by D. L. Powers
SUMMARY: Mulder gets kidnapped, and it's Scully who comes to the rescue...if she can find him.

Blood of Angels Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 418K - Rated R - by LoneGunGuy
SUMMARY: As Scully lies on the sidewalk, dead, Mulder holds the murder weapon in his hands and knows that he must have had a damned good reason for killing her... if only he could remember what it was... A bizarre, labyrinthine mystery with darkly comic overtones.

Blood on the Snow - 38K - Rated PG-13 - by Waddles52 and Truthwebothknow1
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully must spend Christmas at the office when all vacations are cancelled.
Tie - 2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mulder/Scully Story

Blood Ties Series - Rated R - by Dawn
SUMMARY: Upon the death of his mother, Mulder learns a family secret that will change his life forever.
Blood Ties 4--2002 Silver Sutures Winner (Tie)--Best X-File
Blood Ties 6--2002 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Physical MT Story
Blood Ties 9--2002 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Humor Story
2002 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Series (Non-Slash, Non-Discipline)
Blood Ties 8--2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Psychological MT Story
Blood Ties 10--2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Physical MT Story
Blood Ties 10--2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Adventure Story
Blood Ties 11--2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mulder/Scully Story
Blood Ties 10--2nd Place Winner, 2002 Spooky Awards, Outstanding Mulder Torture
Rating Level 4

Blowout - 24K - Rated PG - by K Roch
SUMMARY: "I can't seem to do anything right lately, can I, Scully? Maybe I should go into the other room to breath if that's bothering you too."

Blue Monday - 12K - Rated PG - by Deb Longley
SUMMARY: After the unconventional brain surgery of "Amor Fati", Mulder experiences amnesia and, with no recollection of his past, confides in a psychologist.

Blue on Black - 64K - Rated NC-17 - by Stacy
SUMMARY: Mulder is abducted by a serial killer known as "The Music Man," and Scully must race against time to save him while they come to terms with their feelings for each other.
Rating Level 3

Blut - 36K - Rated PG - by GenieVB
SUMMARY: Satisfaction if not justice.

Bodhisattva Pt 1, Pt 2 - 143K - Rated PG-13 - by Ophelia
SUMMARY: Skinner's in the hospital, Mulder's in jail, and the mysterious old woman from "Avatar" is back. Is she here to save or damn them?
Rating Level 3

Bokor Holiday - 44K - Rated PG - by Cheryl Cohen
SUMMARY: Mulder takes it upon himself to save Scully from a voodoo curse, but ends up needing saving himself.

A Bond Between Two - 44K - Rated PG-13 - by Susan Proto
SUMMARY: Mulder is trusted with some very important information by someone with whom he feels a special bond.

The 'Bond' Series - Series - Rated R - by Traveler
SUMMARY: Post THE TRUTH. Mulder POV. In the months following their escape from the Indian ruins Mulder and Scully continue to fight the future while learning about life, love and letting go.

Bonded - 3K - Rated G - by Jenna
SUMMARY: Witness the close bond between Mulder and Scully through Skinner's eyes.

Bone of Contention - 233K - Rated R - by Kel and Michelle Kiefer
SUMMARY: When an investigation in the middle of nowhere opens old wounds, 2000 miles away becomes too close to home. Can Mulder and Scully unravel the puzzle before they fall apart?

Bones - 72K - by GenieVB
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully solve an old case the MulderTorture way.

Bon Voyage with an Open Book - 6K - Rated R - by bcfan
SUMMARY: Reading himself to sleep.

Booger Man - 10K - Rated G - by Erin Hayman and Frances Hayman Smith
SUMMARY: You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. Or can you?
Rating Level 1

The Book Series - by Vickie Moseley and Summer
Contains - Open Sea, Burning Book, Open Book, Open Hearts
Open Hearts: Heart Surgery, Open Secrets, The Sound of Your Voice
Rating Level 1-4

Book of the Month Club - Rated R - 9K - by Mulderache
SUMMARY: No summary available.
Rating Level 2

Bootleggers Pt 1, Pt 2 - 316K - Rated NC-17 - by adhokk7
SUMMARY: It's 2021 and for the last ten years no one has seen or heard from Fox Mulder... Until now.

Born on the Bayou - 53K - Rated R - by Laurie D. Haynes
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are sent to Southwest Louisiana to help on some murder/dismemberment cases. But it's an X-File, too, because rumor is it might be the work of the legendary cat people, who live in the swampland forests of the area.

Bound and Determined Pt 1, Pt 2 - 163K - Rated NC-17 - by Grey
SUMMARY: Sequel to 'Consent' - Mulder tries to recover from being raped and to get on with his life with Walter Skinner, but along come complications.
Rating Level 4

Bovine Dreams of Flight - 8K - Rated PG - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: Finally, a little MT from the episode 'Rain King'.

The Box - 73K - Rated R - by Sue Esty
SUMMARY: Scully and Mulder return from an assignment in horrible moods, a state which is made worse when they are taken hostage and stuffed in very cramped quarters.
Rating Level 2

Boy in the Bathtub - 121K - Rated R - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: A suspected killer, recently released from custody, is challenging Mulder and Scully as his killing spree starts once again, and Mulder is forced to deal with his anger to finish the case once and for all.

Brace - 63K - Rated NC-17 - by Tess
SUMMARY: Scully is forced to watch as Mulder is brutally raped by a man he helped to imprison years ago.
Rating Level 4

Brace II - 97K - Rated NC-17 - by Tess
SUMMARY: Brace pays Skinner an unwelcome visit and in a bizarre twist forces Mulder to relive his own ordeal.
Rating Level 4

Brace III - 59K - Rated NC-17 - by Tess
SUMMARY: With Brace in prison both Mulder and Skinner find their own ways of coping, both with past events and their new feelings for each other.
Mulder/Skinner/Others, consensual and non-consensual m/m sex
Rating Level 4

Brace IV - 76K - Rated NC-17 - by Tess
SUMMARY: After his encounter with Skinner the night before, Mulder struggles to hide his feelings from Scully, whilst at the same time Skinner struggles to understand his feelings for Mulder.
Honorable Mention, 2002 Spooky Awards, Outstanding Mulder Torture
Rating Level 4

Brainwashing For Dummies - 4K - Rated PG-13 - by Rhetta
SUMMARY: You can't mess with a mind that's already made up.

A Brand I Don't Like - 38K - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: Fill in the blanks for Brand X, in Mulder's own words.

Breach of Loyalty - 50K - Rated PG-13 - by Luandra
SUMMARY: Mulder is the victim of a Halloween prank by his colleagues at the Bureau, which pretty quickly turns sour. It is more or less up to Scully to save him in time. There is Angst and Torture in this one.If you're not into the gory stuff.... well, you know the drill.

Breaching Barriers - 10K - Rated G - by Ewa
SUMMARY: Catharsis may be caused by the most unlikely things.

Breadcrumbs - 89K - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley and Sally Bahnsen
SUMMARY: Post ep for 'E. B. E.' Mulder was limping at the end, and still didn't know where the E.B.E. went to. Do you think we could leave it at that?
Rating Level 3

Break a Leg - 22K - Rated PG - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully's Valentine's Day becomes rather spooky.
Rating Level 3

Break Out - 73K - Rated R - by Joann Humby
SUMMARY: Someone on one of the news groups recently asked a "what if Scully decided to get a life" question. This doesn't answer it, but does have a play with the idea.

Breaking Point - 24K - Rated R - by Bluebird
SUMMARY: Mulder ditches Scully one time too many, and she puts some distance between them to save her sanity. Will they find their way back together?

Breaking Point - 65K - Rated R - by Brown Eyed Girl
SUMMARY: Mulder pushes Skinner too far...again!

Breath of Heaven - 41K - Rated PG - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: A Christmas miracle, and the promise of another yet to come. Just so no one is offended, Christian overtones.

Breathe - 94K - Rated PG - by Xenith
SUMMARY: Investigating a series of deaths in a small town, Mulder, Scully and Skinner get to meet kitties. Lots of kitties. Lots and lots of kitties...

Breathing Room - 47K - Rated PG - by Carolina Moon
SUMMARY: Missing scene from "One Breath" - Mulder isn't taking care of himself, until Skinner pulls rank.
Rating Level 1

Breathless  - 27K  -  Pattie  Rated: Imagery may not be suitable for those under 13.Reader and parental discretion is advised.  Category: X-File, MT. Spoiler(s): What?  By now everyone knows every episode of every season and I'm really tired of... Oh, all right! Well after the cancer arc, but before Season 6. Also, there is a post-series joke which a few of you will recognize as being from real life!

SUMMARY: After proving werewolf activity was not responsible for a double murder, Mulder and Scully are drawn into a case with more extreme possibilities.

Breathless - 3K - Rated PG - by N'kala99
SUMMARY: 'Brand X' missing scene. What was going through Scully's mind while she was in the surgery room with Mulder?

Breeding Discontent - 79K - Rated NC-17 - by FatCat
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are abducted and when they are returned, things have changed.

The Briarstone Prophecy - 22K - Rated PG - by Nita Durham
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully have an automobile break down and happen upon a small village with strong ties to the past.
Rating Level 3

Bridge Over Troubled Water - 9K - Rated PG - by Poormulder (Valerie)
SUMMARY: Not very good at this, so the lyrics will help me: When you're weary, feeling small, When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all, I'm on your side. When times get rough, And friends just can't be found, Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down. Like a brigde over troubled water, I will lay me down.

Brilliant Disguise - 21K - Rated PG-13 - by Maraschino
SUMMARY: Sometimes a slap in the face is just what the doctor ordered.

Broken - 11K - Rated PG - by Dawn
SUMMARY: Fill in the blank for Folie a Deux. What happened at the hospital after Scully rescued Mulder, and how did it influence her response to Skinner's questions?
2002 Silver Sutures Winner (Tie)--Best Short Story

Broken - 9K - Rated PG - by Shell T
SUMMARY: Does your other half know it when they make your heart break?
Rating Level 2

Broken Fingers, Mended Hearts - 18K - Rated PG - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: Fill in the commercial blank from Pine Bluff Variant. Scully confronts Mulder and fixes his broken finger.

Broken Home - 11K - Rated R - by XScout
SUMMARY: How a thirteen year old Mulder decided to join the FBI.

Broken Valentine - 13K  -   Linda61 MT  MSR  Written for Virtual Season 13 Valentine's Day Special Event.

SUMMARY: A short vacation to celebrate Valentine's Day, a race and             Mulder. That's trouble.

Brothers - 91K - Rated PG - by Xenith
SUMMARY: Skinner's brother dies, a victim of an apparent epidemic of suicides. Skinner asks Mulder and Scully to investigate, and faces his own feelings about those he regards as family.

Bruised and Bloody - 32K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Two agents, one pizza delivery vampire and a wooden chair leg. Post episode thoughts from Bad Blood.

Bruised Masculinity - 20K - Rated R - by dee_ayy
SUMMARY: Cyberbabe apparently gave Mulder more than one kind of jolt. Post-ep for "First Person Shooter."

The Burden of Proof Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 355K - Rated R - by Ms. Brooklyn
SUMMARY: Mulder's investigation into a woman's abduction causes him to face kidnapping charges.

The Burden of Wondering - 46K - Rated PG-13 - by Jennifer Maurer
SUMMARY: As the executor of Scully's estate, Mulder makes a surprising discovery that heals an old wound. Set in the future, has nothing to do with "Momento Mori."
Rating Level 4

A Burden Shared - 85K - Rated PG-13 - by Ten
SUMMARY: After the dark events of their Gauley Bridge case, is Mulder turning to someone else for comfort?

Burdened - 26K - Rated PG - by dee_ayy
SUMMARY: Agent Mulder. Was that still who I was? Who I would be? I didn't feel it. The title was hollow; meant nothing. It wasn't me. Not any more.

The Bureau Years Part 4: Renewal Pt 1, Pt 2 - 171K - Rated NC-17 - by LuvMulder

The Bureau Years Part 5: Fortune's Legacy Pt 1, Pt 2 - 232K - Rated NC-17 - by LuvMulder
SUMMARY: Fortune's Legacy, part 5 in The Bureau Years saga, begins shortly after the conclusion of Renewal with Fox Mulder in Connecticut planning to recuperate under his mother's watchful eye. A simple recovery? NOT on your life!~~It's Mulder! Meanwhile, change is afoot, both in Dana's world and within the Consortium.

Burkittsville - 35K - Rated PG-13 - by Jessica Lyn
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully take a stab at the Blair Witch mystery, and have an X-File of their own.
Rating Level 5

Burn in Flames - 35K - Rated R - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: A kidnapped boy becomes an unwilling participant in the reenactment of a gruesome death by the ghost of a mother who killer herself over thirty years ago and tried to take her children with her.

Burning the Maps - 38K - Rated R - by marasmus
SUMMARY: An ending, of sorts.
Rating Level 3

The Burning Times - 75K - Rated R - by Elizabeth Gerber
SUMMARY: Turns out Mulder's fear of fire and Scully's discomfort with the unknown go back much, much further than we thought. Set in the British Isles in the fifteenth century. Alternate Universe/Past Lives.
Rating Level 5

Burns - 45K - Rated PG - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: Post 'Kill Switch' story. Mulder is getting the burns on his arms cared for, but is the case really over?
Rating Level 3

Business As Usual Pt 1, Pt 2 - 144K - Rated PG - by P.C.Rasmussen
SUMMARY: Mulder gets involved in a nasty case and ends up in mortal danger. He also gets deprived of one of the few remaining illusions he has.

"But...Scul..Scully...I..." Or I Am Man, Hear Me Stutter - 5K - Rated PG - by The X-Pig
SUMMARY: Why is it that he can't speak when he's around her?
Rating Level 1

But You'll Wish It Were - 29K - Rated NC-17 - by The X-Pig
SUMMARY: Mulder's mind was on Scully when it happened.

Buyer Beware - 100K - Rated PG - by Folieadeux
SUMMARY: Too many deaths in the largest mall in America.
Rating Level 2

Buzz - 3K - Rated G - by Linda61
SUMMARY: "There's a fly in my tea."

By Her Side - 4K - Rated G - by Mainecoon
SUMMARY: A more in-depth version of the scene where Mulder is crying by his mother's side in the hospital.

By Her Side Series - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley
SUMMARY: Bill Scully gets a call from his mother to go to his sister's side. But not for a reason he approves of.
Rating Level 2-4