Vampire Series
by: DiAnn
(This is a continuation of the Painful X-Perience Series.)

I Con-Vince Me
SUMMARY: You really should read the Painful Experience Series for this one to make sense. Especially #3 Repeat Performance, and #4 Never Trust a Vampire. Also mentioned: #7 Uninvited Guests, #8 A Little Help From My Friends, #9 Mama's Boy and #10 Doctor's Orders. As I said, maybe you should just read all of them before you try this one.

II In-Vince-Able
SUMMARY: Vince the voyeur vampire it back and still causing havoc in Mulder's life.

III A Royal Pain
SUMMARY: Antonio D'Argario, the vampire king wants Mulder and his tastes run to the more cruel. Be warned!

IV Heartless
SUMMARY: Vince the vampire is back in Mulder's life and so is Sheriff Adams. A terrible combination for our hero.

V Cold Blooded
SUMMARY: Vince the Vampire introduces Mulder to some new friends - a bunch of real dead beats.

VI Bad Debt
SUMMARY: Mulder pays his debt to the vampire king.

VII It's About Time Pt 1, Pt 2
SUMMARY: Vince the Vampire warns Mulder of danger to Skinner and Scully.

VIII Son of a Witch
SUMMARY: Mulder gets on the wrong side of a very powerful lady. Vince the Vampire did not get to be in this one . . . and is he ticked!

IX Southern Comfort Pt 1, Pt 2
SUMMARY: Mulder finds more trouble at the hands of Vince the Vampire.

X The Antithesis of Vince
SUMMARY: Someone is killing the good people of Hope, Arkansas. Can a small town sheriff, the FBI, and one sexually perverted vampire solve the case before anyone else has to die?