Authors - S


Seduce and Destroy - 17K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Take the L out of Lover and it's over.

S. Sanger

The Geezer Files - 8K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: What if Mulder, Scully and Krycek were all in a nursing home together in their old age?
Rating Level 1

Sally Bahnsen

Angel in the Wings - 98K - Rated PG-13 - by Sally Bahnsen
SUMMARY: Set early in season one. This is a fill-in-the- gap for Fallen Angel story, covering the time between Mulder being escorted from the warehouse by Colonel Henderson and the night/morning before the hearing. This is very much an MT/SC story.
Tie - 2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Missing Scene Story

Breadcrumbs - 89K - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley and Sally Bahnsen
SUMMARY: Post ep for 'E. B. E.' Mulder was limping at the end, and still didn't know where the E.B.E. went to. Do you think we could leave it at that?

Dark Reflection Pt 1, Pt 2 - 209K - Rated PG-13 - by Sally Bahnsen and Dawn
SUMMARY: The names and places have changed but the story is the same -- or is it? Mulder and Scully travel to West Virginia to investigate a disturbingly familiar case.
2002 Silver Sutures Winner (Tie)--Best Collaboration

Facing the Truth - 41K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: After the events of Two Fathers, One Son, Scully confronts Mulder about his past with Diana.

A Friend in Need - 33K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: What happened to Mulder in the 4 hours between leaving the hospital with Skinner and arriving at Blevins' office for the hearing? This story is told from both Mulder and Skinner's points of view respectively. A fill-in-the- blank for Redux II.
2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mulder/Skinner Story
2003 Silver Sutures Winner (Tie)--Best Missing Scene Story

Justice, Interrupted Pt 1, Pt 2 - 200K - Rated PG - by Dawn Zemke and Sally Bahnsen
SUMMARY: How far will one man go to see justice served?
2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Collaboration

Last Kiss - 86K - Rated PG - by Sally Bahnsen and Dawn Zemke
SUMMARY: When your worst nightmare comes true, could it be time to just let go?
Rating Level 4
2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mid-Length Story

 Little Whine With Dinner - 25K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: What if Mulder was a real man and lived in the real world? Would he really hide his injuries and illnesses from Scully?

Love Bites  - 32K -   Sally Bahnsen  Rated PG Rating - you should probably be able to cope with the occasional bad word and implied sexual situations. Written for Virtual Season 13's Valentine Days Special Disclaimer -- Mulder and Scully belong to CC and 1013 productions. The dog belongs in the pound. Category: MT, MSR

SUMMARY: Sometimes love just bites. Rating - you should probably be able to cope with the occasional bad word and implied sexual situations. 

Meeting Mulder - 6K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: In response to a birthday challenge at Mulder's Refuge and I guess a sequel to Vickie's 'Blood Transfusions among friends'. Happy Birthday MR!!

Pain in the Neck - 121K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder isn't feeling well. He finds out his mom is missing. Oops, there goes any hope of Scully getting him to rest and recover.

Rice is Nice, but Ibuprofen is Better - 19K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder injures himself while on a run. Scully helps out.

Shooting Hoops - 1,)48K   2) 33K     -  by  XSketch and Sally Bahnsen  Rating PG- 13         .....maybe a little more for violence and language MSR, MT, A  AUTHORS NOTES: Written with love for the VS13's Spring Sports

SUMMARY: One crazed fan, one ignorant athlete, one game and two FBI             agents do not mix. Could this night *really* get any worse? Hell  yes!

Simple Complication Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 266K - Rated PG-15
SUMMARY: Mulder suffers what he believes is a minor injury during stakeout duty. Ignoring it, he convinces Scully to accompany him to New Jersey to investigate what he hopes is an X file. Mulder realises too late that his minor injury may not be as trivial as he first thought.
2002 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Adventure Story

 Slight Detour - 43K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: A fill in the blanks for 'Detour'.

Smoked - 119K - Rated PG-13 - by Dawn and Sally Bahnsen
SUMMARY: Filling in the Brand X blanks through Mulder and Scully’s eyes.
2002 Silver Sutures Winner (Tie)--Best Collaboration

 Taste of Fear - 23K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: A fill in the gaps for Mulder's ordeal in the basement during "Millennium." Mulder faces his fear.

Ten Things I Like About You - 32K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: When Skinner suspects a problem between Mulder and Scully he orders Scully to seek counselling. Scully turns to an old friend to vent.

Two Strong Hearts - 22K - Rated R
SUMMARY: None given.

Samantha H.

The Absence Series - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder's on the run and it's only a matter time....
Rating Level 4

Alone in a Disused Graveyard - 15K - Rated R
SUMMARY: In the hands of your worst enemy, we all become a bit cynical. Murder's thoughts while slowly disintegrating in the bowels of a consortium facility.

Ashes to Ashes - 6K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: A broken man finds a little girl under the shade of a juniper tree...

Desert Places - 74K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Cancerman forces Mulder on a trip down memory lane.

Empty Spaces Pt 1, Pt 2 - 153K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: This takes place 3 months after Mulder's recovery from the events of Desert Places. Mulder's isolated himself and the paranoia is eating him alive. Unbeknownst to him, Mulder has certain memories that, if recovered, could bring down the Consortium. The Consortium has plans of their own for Mulder.

Sammi M.

All the Wishes in the World I: Incident - 21K - Rated R
SUMMARY: A man Mulder helped to convict comes back to fulfil a promise, and Mulder, Scully and Skinner have to deal with it.
Rating Level 4

All the Wishes in the World II: Recovery - 29K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Reactions to awakening to a different life.
Rating Level 4

All the Wishes in the World III: Aftermath - 52K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder has to face his demons.
Rating Level 4

All the Wishes in the World IV: Survival - 34K - Rated R
SUMMARY: It's one year later and it's time for lives to get back on track ... if they can.
Rating Level 4

Sandy E.

Crafting a Life - 66K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: The X-Files division of the FBI has just received a tip on their latest case, a haunted mansion that involves the disappearance (or murder) of several tourists. Through the ensuing investigation, each member learns a unique life lesson.

Sara Dobie

Adeline Pt 1, Pt 2 - 195K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: While Scully's out with a cold, Mulder follows up on a haunted house case.

Sara VanLooy

All the Way Home - 11K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: I wrote this a while back, while I was reflecting on the number of times that Cancerman has had both Mulder and Scully in his custody with absolutely no witnesses. They've been stopped by black-uniformed gun-toting goons so many times now (or at least it seems like they have), that I've begun to wonder what goes on *after* that.

Sarah Johnson

The Children's Circle - 44K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: No summary available.

Sarah Kiley

All the Little Pieces She Left - 41K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Scully's death left questions unanswered, and Mulder must come to terms with her demise as he tries to understand why.

Sarah Stegall

The Sound of Windchimes - 132K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are abducted by aliens during a routine stakeout.
Rating Level 4


Tie - 2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Favorite New Author

Claimed - 25K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: After Mulder recovers from near fatal injuries, the *real* torture begins.
Rating Level 1

A Cruel Twist of Fate - 21K - Rated PG-13 - by Satchie
SUMMARY: "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." What could possibly go wrong?
2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Humor Story

Dancing with Mephistopheles - 40K - Rated PG-13 - by Satchie
SUMMARY: While trying to recapture his past, Mulder jeopardizes his soul.

In Extremis - 11K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: While suffering from a serious illness, Mulder struggles with a difficult decision regarding his future.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Mulder Torture - 7K - Rated PG-13 - by Satchie
SUMMARY: Did you ever wonder why Foley catheters are so popular in fan fiction? Did you ever suspect it was an unwritten code? No more! This is one humble fan's vision of Mulder Torture.

Machine Wash, Tumble Dry - 31K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: For Mulder, clealiness is not next to godliness. It's an invitation for disaster.

On the Safe Side - 39K - Rated NC-17 - by Satchie
SUMMARY: Mulder's simple injury leads to an unusual emergency room visit.

Renaissance de Mal - 47K - Rated PG-13 - by Satchie
SUMMARY: Evil never dies; it merely changes form.

Sword of Damocles - 80K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: SUMMARY: A series of seemingly innocuous symptoms cause Mulder to face an uncertain future.

Via Dolorosa - 112K - Rated R - by Satchie and Obfusc8er
SUMMARY: None given.


Alex Unleashed - 24K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Jealous, vengeful, underestimated Krycek.
Attempted rape and graphic, bloody violence

And Then There Were Three - 43K - Rated NC-17 - by Shannon K and Satina
SUMMARY: Put Mulder and Scully in a dungeon. Add Krycek. Sprinkle liberally with repressed UST. Get back.

Cauterized - 70K - Rated NC-17 - by Satina and Orangy
SUMMARY: Krycek returns from Tunguska a changed man and now he wants his revenge on Mulder.

Dark Secrets - 70K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: This is an alternate universe where instead of Krycek and the other thug killing Melissa (Paper Clip), Krycek goes to Scully's apartment, ties her up and makes her call Mulder, who has to watch while he torments her. What happens after that? Guess you better keep readin'.
Non-consensual sexual activity

Kinks 2: Krycek's Revenge - 66K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Krycek returns to the scene of the crime. Sequel to Working Out the Kinks.

Love Hurts - 63K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Cardinale figures out Krycek's weakness and decides to use it to have a little fun.
M/K Sex and Violence

Making His Marks - 50K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Krycek has a creative plan to get back the DAT.

Mayday - 116K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: "If it had been anyone but me, you'd be so f*cking dead, Mulder. *That's* what I mean."

Not An Exercise in Subtlety - 115 K  -   by  bizzzichick (Satina) Rating:  NC-17 Category:  M/S, A, S, MulderTorture, Post-Ep (Anasazi), somewhat non-consensual sex, MSR

SUMMARY:  Mulder does something he normally wouldn't, while under the influence of the psychotropic substances in his water supply, as well as the grief and confusion over his father's death. 

Underground - 62K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Hey, when you go underground...

Working Out the Kinks - 100K - Rated NC-17 - by Satina
SUMMARY: Stranded in an empty resort on a snowtopped mountain, Mulder and Scully find a way to work out the kinks in their relationship with Krycek.

See also Working out the Kinks 2: Krycek's Revenge - Rated NC-17, K/Sc, K/M - by Satina
SUMMARY: Krycek returns to the scene of the crime.


Scarlett Otter

Blind Faith - 48K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: "So Doc, when are you gonna turn the lights back on?"
Scully's face darkened; the doctor was shining a pen light straight into Mulder's right eye.


The 'In Joke' Series - Rated R
SUMMARY: Slashy humor.

The 'Poetic' Series - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder/Krycek slash.


Aftermath - A Story of Discipline - 21K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder contemplates his discipline relationship with Skinner.

Come On Let's Play - 26K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Skinner's in a playful mood and Mulder is his plaything.

Mulder, Your Ass is Mine - 33K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder pays the price for an unauthorized trip out of town.

Once Upon a Halloween - 72K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder is side tracked on his way home from work and Skinner's not happy.

The Persuaders Challenge - 20K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder must now face the consequences of his trip to the Bermuda Triangle.

Restrained - 14K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder is getting to know that meaning of the word, 'Restraint'.

A Special Day - 35K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: The guys spend the day together, but things don't turn out exactly as one of them had planned.

Spring Cleaning Series - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: The boys do a little spring cleaning and something goes terribly wrong.

This Wasn't Part of Our Arrangement - 93K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Something goes terribly wrong with Mulder and Skinner's discipline arrangement.

Uninvited Guests - 77K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder comes home to uninvited guests, who want him to pay for what he's done.

Where Do You Want Me? - 29K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder is anxious for his punishment to come and go.


Starkweather: Quanta Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8 - 819K - Rated R - by Scully3776 and Spookykat
SUMMARY: A male version of Scully invented a time machine that allows him to swap souls with Doggett to change history for the better. The history he needs to change: The murder in the county jail of the new Deputy Mayor of Washington DC at the hands of Billy Miles. How will he do it? With the help of the Gunmen and a guide from the future only he can see and hear.


Cacophony - 18K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Sometimes silence is the loudest sound one will ever hear.
Rating Level 4

Sean Smith

Etched Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 365K - Rated R
SUMMARY: XF/Alien crossover.

Seeker One

A Highland Tale Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10, Pt 11, Pt 12, Pt 13, Pt 14, Pt 15 - 312K - Rated NC-17 - by Leelee and Seeker One
SUMMARY: Skinner and Scully try to find a very lost Mulder.
May contain kinky sex, bondage, spanking and so on...

The Truth about Blow Jobs - 59K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: The Untold Story of Mulder's Abduction.
Smutty sex, threesome, bondage, discipline and that's just the intro...


Hostage Situation - 99K - Rated R - by Sherry Davis and Setmedic
SUMMARY: A bank heist goes terribly wrong.

Shannon K

And Then There Were Three - 43K - Rated NC-17 - by Shannon K and Satina
SUMMARY: Put Mulder and Scully in a dungeon. Add Krycek. Sprinkle liberally with repressed UST. Get back.

Shawen A. Greer

Glorious Exception - 20K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: How glorious it is–and also how painful–to be an exception. – Alfred de Musset


Colds, Flu and Ailments of the Spirit - 9K - Rated G
SUMMARY: "Mulder," she began in her warning voice, "go home and take care of yourself. You want to be at full strengh for the New Year's get-together with my family...trust me. Bill's going to be there."

Colds, Flu and Ailments of the Spirit II - 8K - Rated G
SUMMARY: Mulder's sick, Scully's taking care of him.

Safe Harbor - 131K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Scully is Mulder's safe harbor...and Skinner wants to protect the bond between them.

Trapped in Dreamland - 23K - Rated R
SUMMARY: What if Morris and Mulder had to live as one another for the rest of their lives? (Also, in my universe, Mulder and Scully remember the events of Dreamland I and II.)

Shell T

Broken - 9K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Does your other half know it when they make your heart break?
Rating Level 2

Sherry C

Iris - 6K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: It's so sad Scully won't be with Mulder any longer, so just supposing how it would feel for Mulder if Scully is not with him.
Rating Level 5

Sherry Davis

Abyss - 29K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Scully tries to reach Mulder in a deep, dark place.

Catalyst - 73K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: A violent encounter turns Mulder and Scully's world upside down.
Rating Level 4

Hostage Situation - 99K - Rated R - by Sherry Davis and Setmedic
SUMMARY: A bank heist goes terribly wrong.


Changes Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 269K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder overcomes some obstacles to solve a terrorist case, and makes friends in Domestic Terrorism Division.
Rating Level 4


Better Things Forgotten - 126K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: When Mulder wakes up from a horrible crime he thinks he is 12.


Where No One Can Hear You Scream - 51K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Missing scene from 'The Erlenmeyer Flask' - This story has heaps of Mulder Torture, Mulder Angst and bad language, so read at your own risk.
Rating Level 3


Heart Turned Inwards Series - by Keleka and Shoshana
SUMMARY: The Lone Gunmen deliver an unexpected Christmas present to Scully. Have yourself an early little Christmas.

Sidra M. S. Vitale

And Let There Be No Purpose - 26K - Rated R
SUMMARY: An MIB uses extreme measures to get Mulder to drop a case.

Simon Lee

Margin of Error - 64K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: The agents investigate mysterious circumstances surrounding the crash of a Navy fighter.

Sister Moon

Intergalactic Space Babe - 29K - Rated R
SUMMARY: The spoiler pictures I've seen from the upcoming episode "First Person Shooter" were just too good to ignore. I've read only a tiny bit about the plot, so I'm going off on my own little tangent; I hope you enjoy it.
Rating Level 2

Refuge - 37K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Scully gets Mulder out of the nuthouse. Post 'Biogenesis'


Things Left Unsaid - 11K - Rated PG-13
Rating Level 5


Tie - 2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Favorite New Author

Ángel de la Muerte - 173K  -  Skinfull Rating: NC 17 Classification: MT Case file, X A SUMMARY: A man on death row has found a connection to the outside world.

The Best Things - 180K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Working with a clean slate. What would happen.

Cold Case - 60K - Rated PG MT MSR
SUMMARY:  Some believe that some cases are never meant to be solved.  Mulder is not one of them

Color me Embarrassed   - 31K -    Rating: PG  Classification: MSR  A (Almost MSFluff!)  

SUMMARY: Mulder's smile was slow and languid. He spoke softly into the phone and Scully didn't know to whom but the facial expressions he was making were speaking volumes.  He laughed with velvety sultry tones as he leaned back in his chair and ran a distracted hand through his hair.  For the November MR challenge Theme: "Don't make me show / tell Scully" Muhaa haa haa  (winner)

Conundrum  - 140K  -   Skinfull  Rating: PG 13 Classification: Fluff City (But honestly...who wouldn't like to see  Mulder  in nothing but a pair of leather chaps??? Oh...have I said too much?  LOL) Case file with a difference. Adult situations and some violence. Use  reader  discretion.

SUMMARY: ST: TNG Season 5 episode 114 of the same name inspired this fic.  (Yes I am a Trek geek as well) What if something happened that cause  partial  amnesia in Mulder and Scully?

Crazy Lights - 22K -  Skinfull-  Rating: PG Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, no harm.

Summary: "Scully!" his voice came though the night, hovering over her then fading away. And suddenly it was over. Plunged into darkness, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust.  VS "Lights in the Sky" Special. Just a bit of fluff for fun. (F.F.F.)

In the Name of the Father - 214K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder was kidnapped and is missing for 4 weeks until he is picked up on the side of the road by an ambulance that received an anonymous call as to his whereabouts…this is where we begin!

Mortuus Iterum  ( (Dead Again)     - 168K -   Skinfull Rating: NC 17 Classification: Case file for VS 13--complete with all gory scenes MT Graphic  and Disturbing content. 

SUMMARY: Various Murders are occurring in the DC area with a hint of familiarity to them.

Pleasure in Pain - 308K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder's profiling skills comes under fire when his predictions fall far from the mark putting him and other agents in grave danger. REFERENCES TO RAPE, READ AT READERS DISCRETION!!!

Well Deserved Break - 72K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: In answer to the rugger fic challenge thought up by Lisa in another inane MR chat...Of course Mulder played rugby in Oxford!

With Friends Like These - 175K - Rated PG-13 MT
SUMMARY: With friends like these...who needs enemies.
Rating Level 1

Somebody Else

The Five Book One Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 405K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: A haunting childhood memory, Krycek's return from the missile silo and a Japanese astronomer's discovery provide Mulder and Scully with the clues they need to begin unraveling the mystery of Samantha's disappearance.
Rating Level 3

The Five Book Two Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 479K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Having discovered that Samantha was taken as a hostage to be exchanged for five survivors from the Roswell crash, Mulder and Scully go looking for The Five.
Rating Level 3

Sonja Blue

Deity Series - Series - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder is thrust into a new world and finds himself very much changed. Let the epic begin...

Fox Mulder's Wild Ride - 43K - Rated NC-17 - by Eli_Anne, Vyper and Sonja Blue
SUMMARY: Fox Mulder finds out how interesting his life can be.
This story contains sexual interaction between members of the same sex. If the subject matter offends you *do not* read any further.
Rating Level 2

The Hybrid - 6K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Written for the Mpreg Drabble Drive. Warning! This one is dark and ugly... most definitely non-con! Mulder/Guess who?

Out of Control Series - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: On a Saturday night Mulder just wants to have some harmless fun, on his own terms. But things spin out of control... as usual.
Mulder/Krycek SLASH


Going Out of the Country For a Wee Spell - 35K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder goes on a hunt for 'foxfires' and finds himself in a very painful predicament before he even reaches the fells.

Where the Deer and Mulder Play - 69K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Two friends out on a hike. What could possibly go wrong?


Dreaming Omega - 140K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Sein Und Zeit/Closure post-episode. Mulder's having a nervous breakdown and taking a road trip to celebrate. Scully's in pursuit, but she may end up losing him forever (in more ways than one.)

Running Lessons: Book One - 96K - Rated PG - by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247
SUMMARY: Twists, turns, and we hope, the completely unexpected. But please, read the category. Trust us. Would we lie?

Running Lessons: Book Two Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 98K - Rated PG - by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247
SUMMARY: More of the same, and then some. With seagulls.

Solstice - 64K - Rated R - by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247
SUMMARY: "What if it was about what you want, Scully?"


Haunted - 105K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: A serial killer vows vengeance from beyond the grave, entangling Mulder in a fight for his life - against an enemy he cannot see.

Legacies Part I: Origins Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 363K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder uncovers startling clues regarding his importance to the Project. But the answers he seeks are in the place he fears most -- his own past.

Solitary Wake - 7K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder mourns. Post 'Jump the Shark.'

Spooky Jr.

Acima Das Estrelas - 53K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully follow a case, which leads them to Colorado. When there plane crashes, they are left stranded and hurt on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard. A young girl who supposedly survived the crash is found seemingly unharmed. Toughing it out with the agents, it's now a fight for their lives. But there's something about this young girl the agents are unaware of...

Always By Her Side - 7K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: This is a Post - Elegy. Takes place right after the credits rolled.

Always Touching, Never Touched - 12K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: When Mulder receives a letter from Samantha, it starts a chain of events that will forever change he and Scully's lives.
Rating Level 5


Starkweather: Quanta Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8 - 819K - Rated R - by Scully3776 and Spookykat
SUMMARY: A male version of Scully invented a time machine that allows him to swap souls with Doggett to change history for the better. The history he needs to change: The murder in the county jail of the new Deputy Mayor of Washington DC at the hands of Billy Miles. How will he do it? With the help of the Gunmen and a guide from the future only he can see and hear.


Blue on Black - 64K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder is abducted by a serial killer known as "The Music Man," and Scully must race against time to save him while they come to terms with their feelings for each other.
Rating Level 3

Stacy Oziel

Chicken Soup for the Soul - 30K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Scully makes a house call, and gets to play doctor with Mulder.
Rating Level 2

Stephanie Feldman

The Ties That Bind Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 273K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Walking home one night, Mulder is attacked and the events that follow force him to realize the feelings that he harbor for Scully.
Rating Level 4

Stephanie Kaiser

Haunted Moon - 166K - Rated NC-17 - by Stephanie Kaiser
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully find themselves lost and in trouble one night under a haunted moon. But when it's all over and done, can they find love?
Rating Level 3

Steven Herod

Extreme Measures - 46K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder receives a middle of the night call from a anonymous caller with information about his missing sister. He and Scully take an unauthorised trip in search of her fate. And find that they may have pushed the U.S. Government too far this time.

Steven M. Wagner

Appalachian Idyll Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 314K - by Steven M. Wagner
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully work with a local District Attorney to try a serial murderer.

'No Name' Series - Rated R - by Steven M. Wagner, Steven Mitchell and Melody Morgan Carter
SUMMARY: Mulder tries to rescue Scully from a fate worse than death.
Rating Level 4

Steven Mitchell

'No Name' Series - Rated R - by Steven M. Wagner, Steven Mitchell and Melody Morgan Carter
SUMMARY: Mulder tries to rescue Scully from a fate worse than death.
Rating Level 4


Signing Bonus - 29K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: "Mulder, I have been offered a new position here in the States. I took it on the condition that I got this evening with you as...well, let's call it a signing bonus."
M/M Non-consensual sex
2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Slash Story
2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mulder/Krycek Story
Rating Level 3


A Scene to Forget - 77K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: 'Tunguska' missing scene--What happened to Mulder after Krycek left their cell.
Rating Level 4


A Cat in the Flat - 49K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder welcomes a new addition into his home. Is it possible they've met before?

Sue Esty (AKA Windsinger)

The Box - 73K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Scully and Mulder return from an assignment in horrible moods, a state which is made worse when they are taken hostage and stuffed in very cramped quarters.
Rating Level 2

Carnival Dark, Carnival Light - 102K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Lying in pain a decontamination unit, Mulder remembers a day which was very special to a certain 15-year-old - a time of a different kind of pain, and anger, and marvelous discovery.

Deliver Us From Evil - 11K
SUMMARY: A little vignette which follows *The Calusari*. On their drive home from the hospital after the exorcism, Mulder and Scully decide to stop by a peaceful place for the night.

My Travels with Charley - SERIES - Rated PG
SUMMARY: In a cone of brilliant light, surrounded by silent and compliant former abductees, Mulder comes face to face with the Hunter. Why does this scene seem not unfamiliar and what will happen now? This series traces Mulder's abduction and begins with the events of the first few minutes.
Rating Level 4

Sukie Tawdry

The Way Things Are Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 278K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: One night and their whole lives were changed forever.
2003 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Mulder/Other Story


The Book Series - by Vickie Moseley and Summer
Contains - Open Sea, Burning Book, Open Book, Open Hearts
Open Hearts: Heart Surgery, Open Secrets, The Sound of Your Voice

Code - 35K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder's ability to read minds, rendered as text.

The Cold After the Storm - 18K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Post "Fight the Future" - After the big ship uproots and vanishes, what happens to our intrepid heroes?


30 Seconds  - 254K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: After Mulder is blinded in an explosion, he has to find a way to deal with his loss of sight, and Scully has to deal with her guilt.

Afterlife  - 7K  -   Susan  Classification: post-ep vignette  Rating: PG-13 for some bad words Keywords: Mulder angst Spoilers: DeadAlive Author's notes: This Mulder isn't the Mulder I usually write, but tonight he wanted to be heard...and so I listened. If you like stories that are positive and hopeful and have closure, then this story isn't for you. 

SUMMARY: All they've told me so far is what *they* could handle hearing, not what *I* could. 

After William - 66K - Rated R
SUMMARY: What if after Mulder returned at the end of season nine, he and Scully got William back from the couple who adopted him? How would he feel about suddenly having to be a father to a son he barely knew? Maybe not the way you'd expect him to...

All So Quiet - 4K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: When he opened his eyes, there were dark green clouds twisting in the sky and the wind was a hot whisper against his skin...

Color Games  - 27K -  Susan   rated PG Classification: story Keyword: Mulder angst and psychological torture, some disturbing images Spoilers: Requiem, One Breath, Amor Fati

SUMMARY: I used to be able to escape into my imagination whenever I needed to, but now my mind feels gray and heavy and clouded with nothing but memories of my time here.

Dark Places - 16K -   Susan F Rating Classification: series of six vignettes that tell a story Keywords: dark Mulder angst, disturbing content (at least it may be for some) Spoilers: post-Ascension, pre-One Breath

SUMMARY: You just want to feel. 

Emergence - 89K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder goes to Quonochontaug to sort out his life after the events of Sein Und Zeit and Closure.

Evanescent - 99K -   Susan -  Rated PG Classification: story, alternate universe I guess, since this is about a *what if* situation , chapter three rated R, Keywords: big time angst for all those involved Spoilers: Duane Barry, and other brief references to various episodes from the first two seasons of the show.  Takes place early in season two.

SUMMARY: One abduction. Two lives turned upside down.

Journey Pt 1, Pt 2 - 231K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: After Mulder returns from his abduction, he and Scully end up going on a journey they never planned on...

Liquescent Pt 1, Pt 2 - 151K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: There was no need to worry her about something that was probably nothing...was there?
Honorable Mention, 2002 Spooky Awards, Outstanding Mulder Torture

Perfect For the Job - 27K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: "You have a special gift, 34, and I want you to use that gift tonight."

The Anonymous Ones - 8K   -   Susan  classification: vignette Rated: G implied MT Spoiler: Anasazi.

SUMMARY: Why does a beautiful woman like her need a room with two beds?

The Way to Somewhere - 21K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder's finally home from the hospital after his miraculous recovery from his abduction, but is he really okay? As for Scully, she's not doing very well either...

Until the Sky Falls -  4K -  Rated PG  Susan  Classification: vignette spoilers: The Truth Keywords: colonization, death (translation: this story does NOT have a happy ending) 

SUMMARY: They tried to stop things, they tried to make a difference, but in the end all they can do is wait for the sky to fall.

Susan Garrity

Blackwood - 78K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: An important section of "Fight the Future" from the author's point of view.

Susan Proto

Abah Series - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder becomes seriously ill and family and friends must pull together to offer him and each other comfort and support.

The Barbecue Series
Mulder reluctantly attends the birthday bash of someone he cares for very much. Of course, even a simple birthday party doesn't go quite as planned for our hero.
Rating Level 1-4

Beauty's Beast - 63K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder suffers love and loss.

Birthday Dinner - 20K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: It's Scully's birthday and much to Mulder's chagrin, she chose the restaurant.
Rating Level 2

A Bond Between Two - 44K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder is trusted with some very important information by someone with whom he feels a special bond.

Cicely's Gardens of Light - 127K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder & Scully visit a quaint town named Cicely to check out a possible X-File and with the help of a few of the citizens of Cicely, discover a lot more about themselves then they realized possible.

Dark Corners - 77K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder faces an unseen enemy with devastating results.
Rating Level 4

Devil's Advocate Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 367K - Rated PG-13 - by Vickie Moseley and Susan Proto
SUMMARY: Mulder willingly joins an investigation that may be his undoing.
Rating Level 3
2004 Silver Sutures Winner--Best Collaboration

George Jacobs Elementary School - 90K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder is called in on a case for his expertise on alien abductions and hostage negotiation, while Scully is called in for her expertise in keeping Mulder sane.

Life Cycles Series
SUMMARY: Mulder is asked to endure one of life's rituals that brings back tortured memories of his childhood. Scully is there to help him through it, and shares the journey with him.
Rating Level 2-4

Lovely Warm Thoughts - 48K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: One of Mulder's most frightening foes returns to torture Mulder some more, because it's the thing he likes to do best, and because he can.

Memory's Promise - 14K
SUMMARY: Post-ep for 'Empedocles' - What was the significance of a simple rag doll?

The Tale of Amber Creek - 37K - Rating PG-13
SUMMARY: Special engagement for IMTP VS10, Halloween special event.
Rating Level 1

Three Men & a Mom - 77K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder takes it upon himself to seek out the truth, and pays dearly for it.

Trolling - 92K - Rated PG - by Vickie Moseley and Susan Proto
SUMMARY: The partners investigate a case of a missing child and run into a couple of obstacles along the way.

Susanne Barringer

Gun - 29K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Scully's mistake leads her to question her working relationship with Mulder.

Suwanee Smith

A Time to Heal - 28K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Sequel to the Loneliness Series by Lisdean Warner. Scully helps Mulder heal after his ordeal.


Bandaged Hearts - 8K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Paper hearts/Post-episode. Mulder's at the end of his rope. Scully reels him back in.

Suzanne Bickerstaffe

Letters - 104K - Rated PG-13 - by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Melody
SUMMARY: A killer is stalking FBI agents, striking down those whom he feels are unworthy, and sending letters explaining his mission to A.D. Walter Skinner. When the next ingenious murder takes place right in the J. Edgar Hoover Building, Skinner feels Mulder may be the next target, and sends him and his partner to a safe house to profile the killer. But the violence escalates, affecting all of them, and only Mulder, Scully and an old acquaintance can bring the killings to an end.

The Magician Book I - 777K - by Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe
PG-13 VERSION - Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6
NC-17 VERSION - Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate the appearance of a strange creature in an MIT laboratory, and find themselves drawn though a vortex into another world - a world where magic works - a world that is threatened by a terrible darkness.

The Magician Book II: The Runaway Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6 - 725K - Rated PG - by Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe
SUMMARY: Prince Andalor of the Realm runs away through the vortex in search of Mulder, only to find himself in trouble with Mulder's enemies. A search party from the Realm joins up with Mulder and Scully to rescue the young Prince.

The Magician Book III: The Dark Queen - 1076K - by Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe
PG-13 VERSION - Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10, Pt 11, Pt 12, Pt 13
NC-17 VERSION - Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10, Pt 11, Pt 12, Pt 13
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully's visit to the Realm becomes much more complicated than they could ever have expected, sending them on a vital and dangerous quest for answers from a mysterious source.

The Magician Book 3.5: The Firebrand Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6 - 595K - Rated PG-13 - by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Matthew Weed
SUMMARY: Life goes on in the Realm, even when Mulder and Scully aren't there to enjoy it. The Realm is rebuilding after the devastation wrought by the Dark Queen, but problems still beset the inhabitants. The beings look forward to a Royal Wedding, but first Shannon must pass the test of her life, while safeguarding her off-world origins. Meanwhile, brigandage is widespread, causing death and economic havoc, and the Noble Houses are up to their necks in conspiracy and treason. But from one House comes a leader who can alter the course of Realm history.

The Magician Book IV: The Warrior Priest Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 507K - Rated NC-17 - by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Jennifer Lyon
SUMMARY: Scully and Mulder go back to the Realm for the birth of Shannon and Andalor's first child. But the unexpected happens - first, someone enters the Realm accidently in their wake, then a terrible crime occurs, sending the pair and their ally on a mission against evil.

Spooked Pt 1, Pt 2 - 198K - Rated R - by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Melody
SUMMARY: A clerk-typist tells the story of her experiences with Mulder and Scully, on loan to the VCU to investigate a serial murder case involving witchcraft and past horrors.

Twister Pt 1, Pt 2 - 203K - Rated R - by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Carol Jenner
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are drawn into investigating a lethal meteorological phenomenon (and a chilling conspiracy) by a woman from Mulder's past.

Suzanne Schramm

Germ Warfare: A Sick Fic - 37K - Rated NC-17 - by Suzanne Schramm and Terma99
SUMMARY: What if Mulder and Scully were already involved? What if Mulder left for ten days? What if Scully missed him *a lot*? What if Mulder came home with a cold? What then? Huh? Huh?


Excuse Me, or Montezuma's Revenge - 62K - Rated PG-13 - by Swenglish and Karoshi
SUMMARY: This story is in bad taste containing tasteless references to Mulder's bathroom habits. If you are easily offended by bathroom jargon, DO NOT READ any further.
Rating Level 3