Authors - H

H Lynn

Sigil - 88K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: A cryptic sigil is carved on the chests of a murderer's victims, causing Mulder and Scully to investigate whether the suspect is familiar with the occult, or another victim of the symbol's power.


Centenarian Pt 1, Pt 2 - 208K - Rated R - by Halofyve and Black Orchid
SUMMARY: Is an old woman with extraordinary powers the link between a string of murders and extraterrestrial occurrences in a rural Louisiana town, or is a serial killer to blame for the gruesome deaths?
Rating Level 4

Hawthorne Kessler

The Fallen God - 8K - Rated R
SUMMARY: An unfortunate accident lands Mulder in the ER.
Rating Level 2

The Gunmen Classifieds - 20K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: An X-File drought and Mulder's subsequent depression inspire the ever well-meaning Gunmen to provide a flood.

Judas' Kiss - 22K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Scully's rejection of an awkward suitor results in dangerous retribution for Mulder.

The Light Trippers - 50K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: A tip from the Lone Gunmen about a secret military installation leads Mulder and Scully into a very surprising adventure.

Mulder's Ghost - 8K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: For Mulder, *not* seeing... is believing.

Wanted and Needed - 40K - Rated R
SUMMARY: A recent proliferation of opportunities for Scully leaves Mulder desperate to prove his own worth as an agent.


For You - 62K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Scully gets an obsessed admirer, Mulder gets pissed, and a lot more!

HollyIlex - (HollyIlex's Fan Fiction)

The Russian Brigand - 11K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: A Russian brigand has captured Walter and Fox.


Chindee Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 350K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder combines a 'vacation' with investigating reported sightings of ghosts and people disappearing without a trace and ends up finding more than he bargained for. When the trip turns deadly and Mulder fails to appear for work, Scully and Skinner must find him before time runs out.


731 Ways to Get Hit Over the Head - 9K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Well, you can't really call it a story. You'll get what I mean.

All Hallow's Grave - 18K - Rated PG - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: On All Hallow's Eve, Mulder finds himself to be the centre of a situation that is not so much a case file but resembles nothing more than his eternal grave.

All Things Considered - 10K - Rated R
SUMMARY: A fill-in-the-blanks for 'All Things'. Mulder is going off to the UK to investigate crop circles, and starts doubting his decisions and choices.

And Winter Sets In - 6K - Rated PG - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: Loosely inspired and based on David Godfrey's Norse Legends webpage: http://members.tripod.com/~ipswitch/. Also based on Scully's journal entry: "And finally, a wolf named Skoll will open his jaws and eat the sun, sending the world into an everlasting night..."

Angel - 73K - Rated PG - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: A love affair can often turn into something ugly. When it does, Mulder and Scully are called in to resolve a possible ghostly case file and get caught in the crossfire. Very much so.

The Ankle - 23K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: What happens when Mulder sprains his ankle, and hurts his butt? And will Mulder and Scully every get their hands on food again?

Barnacle Babies - 19K - Rated R - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: Comedy with a load of MT, and I really DO mean MT.

The Beauty of Gray - 97K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder becomes passionately involved with a woman for whom he is willing to sacrifice everything - his job, his career, his friends and partner, and ultimately, his life.

The Belgian Truffle Killer - 8K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Basically no story. Just goofiness. Oh, and a lot of words.

Boy in the Bathtub - 121K - Rated R
SUMMARY: A suspected killer, recently released from custody, is challenging Mulder and Scully as his killing spree starts once again, and Mulder is forced to deal with his anger to finish the case once and for all.

Break a Leg - 22K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully's Valentine's Day becomes rather spooky.
Rating Level 3

Burn in Flames - 35K - Rated R
SUMMARY: A kidnapped boy becomes an unwilling participant in the reenactment of a gruesome death by the ghost of a mother who killer herself over thirty years ago and tried to take her children with her.

Canadian Dawn - 25K - Rated G
SUMMARY: A woman will stop at nothing to have Mulder all to herself.

Cats - 24K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder's friend buys a house--and acquires an unusual family in the process.

Champagne and Caviar - 16K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder has a special Valentine's Day planned for his partner, but you didn't expect that to go well, did you?
Rating Level 2

Colorblind - 80K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Scully is badly hurt during a stakeout turned disaster. Mulder retreats within himself, trying to cope with the drama as he frantically looks for her attacker.

Crashing Down - 20K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: For one long second he had wings. And then it all came crashing down.
Rating Level 4

The Dark Room - 96K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Resolving a serial rapist case, Mulder and Scully are found in the woods. Strangely enough Mulder is in defense of the man who hurt them. For the others to find out what has happened during a mere few hours.

The Darkness and the Light - 209K - Rated R
SUMMARY: After involvement with another man and an argument with Mulder, Scully goes her own way. But when Mulder finds out the real reason behind her move and goes after her, he threatens to become the victim of what was meant to happen to her.

Disaster Flight - 83K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are on their way back to Washington. But this cannot turn out to be a normal flight. Can it?

Diversion - 51K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Returning from a trip to Africa, Mulder becomes unexpectedly involved in a case that Scully has helped solving during his absence. Fighting a mysterious illness, he runs against time to save her.

Do You See Them - 38K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder is the only one who can see them. But is he willing to sacrifice anything to help them?

The Drugs Don't Work - 154K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Mulder's infection with the black oil is showing as he suddenly suffers from a malignant tumor. As even Scully gives up hope on recovery, a sudden way out is given to Mulder. If he decides to become a human test subject, he might survive. But not everyone is happy with that.

Entering Her Heart - 10K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Post-ep for 'Existence' - Scully has some thinking to do. But will she allow Mulder to finally enter her heart?

Fear Is Not the End of It - 84K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: A year ago Mulder arrested a serial killer. Now his wife is viciously murdered. Is he responsible, or is someone else doing the killing?

The File Pt 1, Pt 2 - 255K
SUMMARY: After the suicide of a respected senator, Mulder is contacted by Senator Matheson to investigate the case. The trail leads to a hidden file in the basement office and a list of names of people who are potential victims to a strange governmental experiment involving "The Project." When his enemies suspect Mulder's investigation, they take the necessary measures to stop him.

For Eternity Pt 1, Pt 2 - 154K - Rated R
SUMMARY: An unexpected course of events sends two FBI-agents off their course and straight into a small Nevada ghost town, amongst the dead, only to realize that they are threatening to become the next victims of a destructive plague. Isolated and trapped, they know time is running out as they struggle to find a way to survive.
Rating Level 4

The Game Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 390K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder is contacted by his former boss at the VCS to help him in the profiling of a serial killer, that he arrested before. Eight years later, the man guides Mulder through a new series of murders, forcing the agent to deal with unresolved tension, past events, and the deaths of seven girls, dead ringers to his abducted sister.

Hammer and Nails - 57K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Scully asks Mulder to help during a weekend of house renovation. That's obviously the last thing she should have been doing, especially when Mulder discovers a possible X-File.
Rating Level 3

Here Be Monsters - 22K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: It lay at my feet. I didn't know what it was at first; so shocked and surprised was I by the very sight of the monster we had been chasing through this damp, old building. Dark and greasy the beast was, with an ugly, huge head and with tentacles or paws seemingly coming out of different holes of its body. Yet its eyes stared at me with the fear that every human had when he or she died. That, at least, we shared, I thought numbly as I watched it die.

House of Dreams - 87K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Scully becomes obsessed with a house which caused the deaths of previous inhabitants. When Mulder tries to open her eyes and face reality, he threatens to become the next victim.

I Remember You Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 251K - Rated R
SUMMARY: I remember her. And then I remember nothing at all.
Slight warning to worried readers: "Trust me. I know what I'm doing."

I Wish - 3K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder overthinks his father's sudden death as he relives the events in Scully's apartment.

If My Life's For Rent - 4K - Rated PG - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: This vignette takes place during Mulderís rush, driving to Scullyís house after he has heard her message to him on his answering machine. Itís a gathering of thoughts.

In the Dead of Night - 78K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: A stakeout ends up in a disaster when Mulder gets infected with a mysterious disease. While he struggles through the different stages, Scully and Skinner are forced to watch their friend fight off the darkness and the nightmares he encounters.

Insomniac Pt 1, Pt 2 - 212K - Rated R
SUMMARY: A case brings Mulder and Scully on the trail of a serial killer, out there looking for his next victim. When both FBI and the killer are looking for the same woman, a race against time begins to find her and bring her to safety. At the same time, Mulder suffers one of the worst fates possible: Insomnia.

It Hurts - 41K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder gets shot. And that's not the end of it. In fact, it's just the beginning. Nuff said.
Rating Level 4

It's My Party and I Cry if I Want To - 25K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully's sexual attraction can no longer be denied by Mulder. Or can it, when you're stuck at a gay party being smooched up by ... Daisy, the Drag Queen?

The Karaoke Killers (An X-Files Musical) - 55K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: No summary available.

Life Flashes - 10K
SUMMARY: For those of you who haven't seen 'TFWID' and 'Demons', this story contains parts of both episodes, and thus has spoilers which give away the story. This monologue takes place during the moment in his father's house, where Mulder is alone with his gun, his memories, and his thoughts of death, and the reality of the truth he is not able to find.

Life on Mars - 24K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder dropped his gun on the floor and stumbled backwards, hitting the wall behind him hard. His head crashed roughly into the doorpost. He couldn't go any further backwards than that; he wasn't able to anyhow. He was hit.
Rating Level 4

Long Fingers - 27K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder is affected by an experiment gone wrong in a small town.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Mulder - 77K - Rated R - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: After being bored to death at an alien convention, Mulder goes off on his own to chase a legend on a remote island in Finland. But when he arrives at his destination, he soon finds himself in a serious predicament and a bit of comfort from Mr. Bean.

The Messenger Pt 1, Pt 2 - 187K
SUMMARY: A woman from the past returns to take terrible revenge on Mulder and his partner, leaving Scully blind for life. When he is offered a chance to take Scully's place, he accepts, not only endangering his own life, but also changing his life forever, not knowing the link with his own past is closer than anyone could ever think.

Matrix Pt 1, Pt 2 - 184K - Rated R
SUMMARY: New York City's Finest cannot stop a serial killer from running havoc throughout the city, leaving his mark on the city. Fox Mulder is contacted by an old friend and asked for help, thus turning the killer's attention on him, and forcing him into a deadly cat & mouse-game across town. But the agent has no idea the price he has to pay is very high.

My Life as Binky - 15K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: No summary available.

No Time to Get There - 14K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: After falling into a pond, Mulder starts feeling sicker by the minute. But if he wants Scully-comfort, he needs to get to her. The story is based on a lyric by Roxette.

Nocens Phasmatis - 28K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: The only way to find a monster is to become one yourself.

Ocean - 84K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder has a promise to keep, dragging Scully with him at the same time a killer she caught escapes prison. As things go awry, it's only a matter of time before they get seriously screwed up.
Rating Level 4

Paranoid Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 130K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are contacted to investigate the disappearance of a young wife and mother. Mulder's theory leads to one possible murderer ... the ten-year-old daughter. When he pursues his theory, everyone thinks he's paranoid. But is he really?

Perfidiosus - 59K - Rated R
SUMMARY: I have lost my soul. That, which makes me who I am. I feel as if I'm lost to the world and gone in search of my inner self. I want to return back to who I was. Yet I don't know how. I am away from God. Away from humanity. Freed from the burdens of mankind. From now on, it's me against the world, Scully. Lucky and me. If I win, I win. But I know I'll lose.

Plasmodium Falciparum - 66K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: It was the vacation of a lifetime for Mulder. And then it became worse. A lot worse.
Rating Level 4

Prophecy - 125K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully get involved in one of their strangest cases ever. The sighting of a strange, man-shaped, winged figure causes Mulder to believe a lot of people are in grave danger. But does anybody really believe him?
Rating Level 3

Refuge - 151K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate the strange deaths of a few people in a small town, while exploring new lengths in their own relationship. When the case turns into a spooky tale, Scully is forced to face the facts that she might forever lose her partner if she's not willing to look into the paranormal.

Restless - 10K - Rated R
SUMMARY: No summary available.

Ricin - 46K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: A woman's revenge sends Mulder unexpectedly in a hospital. While he fights for his life, Scully has to race against time to find the cause of his illness.

Ring the Bells - 14K - Rated R
SUMMARY: No summary given.

The Rush Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 163K - Rated R - by San a.k.a. Humbuggie
SUMMARY: After discovering the true identity of a killer, Mulder loses his memories of the events that lead him to the killer. Soon enough he finds himself caught in a strange cat-and-mouse game with the killer, who wants him dead before he - again - finds out the truth.

Salvation Pt 1, Pt 2 - 170K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: When a desperate mother contacts Mulder to find her daughter who ran away to join a cult, Mulder gets an unforeseen chance to deal with his past. But when he infiltrates in the cult, Scully must do everything in her power to save her partner from his 'salvation'.

Salvea Mea - 79K - Rated PG - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: The Green Fairy took them away, into a world where nothing was, as it seemed. Time seemed to stand still, or move slower at least. He couldnít grasp that at first, but then he could. As their feelings became an abyss of emotional rampaging, there was nothing left for him to do but enter the void. To be like them.

Sanpaku Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 - 251K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder starts to experience a strange series of unfortunate luck, having him believe that his time has come, after a woman told him he is "sanpaku". But is he really suffering from a string of bad luck, or is there something else behind his ordeal?

Shopping Spree - 21K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Scully takes Mulder into an unexpected supermarket visit. There's only one man in this world that can get badly hurt there. Yep.
Rating Level 3

Sins of Our Children Pt 1, Pt 2 - 254K - Rated R
SUMMARY: While on regular duty, Mulder and Scully are assigned a case, requested by Terence Davis involving a drug dealer turned kidnapper. Mulder literally finds himself the man's next victim, and ends up in the hospital, only to find that the worst threat comes from within.

Splinter - 26K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder has a splinter in his finger and is sent to the ER by Scully to get it removed. But on the way over a few things go wrong and Mulder has more than his share of strange encounters. It is an ordinary Monday after all.

Suspicion - 27K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Mulder is the test subject for a new mind-altering drug.

Sweet Dream - 47K
SUMMARY: Mulder is caught in a dream world from which he cannot escape. But Scully can't just sit back and watch her partner die. Can she?

Sweetheart - 56K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: After the kidnapping of a young girl, Mulder has recurring dreams leading him to the house she might be held, and to his own potential death.

Ten Little Dust Bunnies Went to an Island - 76K - Rated R - by Humbuggie
SUMMARY: First there were ten. And then...

White Flag - 31K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: No summary available.