Authors - O


Ashes to Ashes - 111K - Rated PG - by Obfusc8er and Jenna
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are participating in a multi-agency public safety project when serious threats emerge, both old and new.

Color Commentary - 10K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully put in their two cents.
Rating Level 1

Convergence - 25K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: "It doesn't have to end this way."
Rating Level 4

The End of the Road - 16K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: No summary available.

Extenuating Circumstances - 31K - Rated PG - by Xtreme Unction and Obfusc8er
SUMMARY: An alternative Requiem, but a requiem nonetheless.

I Saw the Sun - 6K - Rated PG - by Obfusc8er
SUMMARY: A universal constant and its influence.

Knuckle Painting - 28K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: None given.

Livid - 39K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: None. Spoils easily. Keep refrigerated.

Moment of your Time, A - 3K - Rated G
SUMMARY: Ruminations from one who has lived a little.

No Shalom - 2K - Rated G
SUMMARY: None given.

One Man's Journey - 11K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: None Given.

Papercut - 22K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Nature attempts to teach Mulder a lesson.
Rating Level 3

Russian Roulette - 5K - Rated PG-13 - by Obfusc8er and bcfan
SUMMARY: Mulder finds a shred of hope while in the gulag.
Rating Level 3

Spending Time - 17K - Rated PG-13 - by Obfusc8er
SUMMARY: Time is the currency of love. Spend it wisely.

True Reflections - 30K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Mulder struggles with the aftermath of profiling.

Via Dolorosa - 112K - Rated R - by Obfusc8er and Satchie
SUMMARY: None given.

Olga G

The Traitor - 70K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: Mulder is kidnapped (I know, I know, what else is new) and tortured by people who are very good at concealing their identity.


The Hitchhiker - 47K
SUMMARY: Road trips and an Xfile of the non-alien kind.

A Little Teapot and Even Less Faith - 48K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: Among other things, a bit of an Xmassy thingamajig and - gasp - Mulder Angst.


Any Means Necessary Pt 1, Pt 2 - 302K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Mulder suffers a brutal sexual attack, which unexpectedly puts him and the Consortium on the same side.
Rating Level 4

Bodhisattva Pt 1, Pt 2 - 143K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Skinner's in the hospital, Mulder's in jail, and the mysterious old woman from "Avatar" is back. Is she here to save or damn them?
Rating Level 3


Cauterized - 70K - Rated NC-17 - by Satina and Orangy
SUMMARY: Krycek returns from Tunguska a changed man and now he wants his revenge on Mulder.


Interrogation Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 - 379K - Rated NC-17 - by Orithain and Nicole S.
SUMMARY: AU. What if Mulder and Krycek lived in another time, another place? What if that time and place was WWII and both were on opposite sides of the war? "Interrogation" explores that possibility.