Authors - I

I Want To Believe

Cold Hands, Warm Heart - 98K - Rated PG-13
SUMMARY: Someone is murdering people in Philadelphia and mutilating the bodies, which are left frozen solid at a popular tourist attraction -- only no one seems to have seen the killer. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate the grisly case before time runs out.

Ian Horsewell

Abuse of Power - 122K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: A "what might have been" story.
Rating Level 5

Invisible Sun

Gunning Down Romance - 3K - Rated PG
SUMMARY: "I'm gunning down romance/ It never did a thing for me/ But heartache and misery/ Ain't nothing but a tragedy." ~Savage Garden "Gunning Down Romance"


Ideal Punishment - 15K - Rated NC-17
SUMMARY: PWP -Ticklefic
Rating Level 2

Sensitivity Training - 8K - Rated R
SUMMARY: Tickle torture. Mulder gets his.
Rating Level 2

Tickle Torture - 35K - Rated R
SUMMARY: The title says it all. Rest assured that this is consensual.