Mulder in Jeopardy Story Rating System

Rating Level 1 - Mild angst, no physical injury
Rating Level 2 - Minor physical injury
Rating Level 3 - Moderate angst or physical injury
Rating Level 4 - Extreme angst or serious physical injury
Rating Level 5 - Permanent disability or death

Stories will be rated as I get to them. It will take a while. Authors, if you'd like to rate your own stories according to the above system, please email your ratings to Lisa. If anybody reads a story on the site that is un-rated and wishes to rate it for me, please go ahead and send it to me. Thanks to all who have made suggestions and offered opinions to make this ratings system work!

- Indicates a story is a Silver Sutures Award winner.

Stories dealing with rape, character death, slash (male/male sex), discipline or extreme violence or torture are marked with a warning in red so as to give the reader every opportunity to make choices based on their personal preferences.

2019 Archivist's note - Some of the stories archived at Mulder in Jeopardy are from the early years of the series, and in a few cases, authors could not be reached for archiving permission. If you are an author and have a story on this archive that you wish to have removed or assigned a pseudonym, please email the x-sites archivist.