Mulder in Jeopardy Story Rating System

- Mulder experiences mild angst, but no physical injury.
- Mulder experiences minor physical injury, with or without angst.
- Mulder experiences moderate angst or physical injury.
- Mulder experiences extreme angst or serious physical injury.
- Mulder experiences permanent disability or death.

Stories will be rated as I get to them. It will take a while.

Authors, if you'd like to rate your own stories according to the above system, please email your ratings to Jenna.

This is NOT required in order to have your stories archived here.

If I have already rated your story, and you feel it should have a different rating, please contact me at the above address. Your opinion is the one that counts!

If anybody reads a story on the site that is unrated and wishes to rate it for me, please go ahead and send me the title, author and rating you think it deserves. Thanks to all who have made suggestions and offered opinions to make this ratings system work!