Pressure Series
by: Grey

Pressure - 43K
SUMMARY: Mulder and AD Skinner try to figure out the terms of a relationship beyond the workplace.

Pressure 2: Pressure Points - 35K
SUMMARY: In the sequel to "Pressure", Mulder stays at Walter Skinner's apartment during his recovery while the two try to figure out their relationship.

Pressure 3: Tests - 22K
SUMMARY: In the third chapter of Pressure, Mulder and Walter deal with some serious physical and emotional issues.

Pressure 4: Sabotage - 40K
SUMMARY: Mulder suffers after being captured and detained by Commander Henderson from "Fallen Angel".
WARNING: There are scenes of physical and sexual violence. If that bothers you, don't read this part of the story. This one isn't a cozy episode.

Pressure 5: Squeeze - 68K
SUMMARY: While Mulder struggles to recover from his assault, Walter must deal with his own anger and frustrations about the possibility of having their relationship used against them.
WARNING: Child abuse and sexual assault are mentioned.

Pressure 6: Resistance - 35K
SUMMARY: The relationship is strained when Mulder resists any efforts to help him deal with his trauma.

Pressure 7: Defenses SUMMARY: Despite Walter's support, Mulder still has serious problems dealing with his abuse.
WARNING: If the subject matter of child abuse, suicide, and violence bothers you, don't read this story.