Disconnected Series
by: Joann Humby

Disconnected - 20K
SUMMARY: Mulder's gone, but not forgotten. Alex Krycek may have more than just a memory to cling to.

Disconnected II - 62K
SUMMARY: Mulder's gone, but not forgotten. When survive is the only positive thing you can do, survival may not be enough.

Disconnected III - 33K
SUMMARY: Mulder's trapped, held prisoner even within his own body. There's only one link out and Mulder has decided the cost of the calls is too high.

Disconnected IV - 96K
SUMMARY: All communication to/from Mulder has been stopped. Alex Krycek may be the key to re-opening the lines.

Disconnected V - 53K
SUMMARY: Mulder has issued an invitation to a meeting at the Watergate Hotel.