Commitment Series
by: Ladyhawk

Commitment I: Get While the Getting's Good - 13K
SUMMARY: The guys are getting ready for vacation. But what's wrong with Mulder?

Commitment II: Through the Thick - 10K
SUMMARY: Mulder, lack of reality. But this time it's not one of his theories.

Commitment III: In Sickness - 10K
SUMMARY: An alien virus is inside Mulder. And time is running out.

Commitment IV: For Poorer - 13K
SUMMARY: The virus has already done too much damage to Mulder.

Commitment V: For That Which was Forgotten - 11K
SUMMARY: Memory is a strange thing. . .

Commitment VI: Forever Is All that Matters - 11K
SUMMARY: It's time for Mulder to come home.