The 'Choice' Series
by: Leigh Alexander

The Choice I - 30K
SUMMARY: Mulder must make a choice that will affect his and Scully's lives forever.

The Choice II: Aftermath - 30K
SUMMARY: After Mulder's disappearance, Scully is forced to deal with the consequences.

The Choice III: Return - 24K
SUMMARY: In the hospital, Scully maintains a bedside vigil.

The Choice IV: Awakening - 28K
SUMMARY: As Scully remains by his bedside, Mulder must once again make a choice. Between two worlds. Between life and death.

The Choice V: Memory - 22K
SUMMARY: Mulder tells Scully what happened to him while he was gone.

The Choice VI: Home - 35K
SUMMARY: Mulder comes home.