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  156 Words OR The Shortest Mulder MedicalTorture Ever Written by Kel

As described in the title. Humor. PG.


Buffaloed by Vickie Moseley

"You know, Mulder, I should be mad at you. If you'd had this attack yesterday, we'd be nice and warm and tucked in at Northeast Georgetown." Rated PG


The Darkness and the Light by San aka Humbuggie

After involvement with another man and an argument with Mulder, Scully goes her own way. But when Mulder finds out the real reason behind her move and goes after her, he threatens to become the victim of what was meant to happen to her. Even though Scully is seemingly involved with another man, this is not a Scully/Other story. Rated R for some graphic - mostly hospital - scenes (non-sexual)


DREAMS V: Fathers Also Dream  by Vickie Moseley

This is the fifth in the 'Dream' Series, coming after 'Every Mother
Dreams', 'Homeward Bound', 'To Boldly Go', and 'The Brotherhood'. I
strongly suggest that you read those stories first or this one is gonna be
very confusing.

NOTE: RELATIONSHIP WARNING IN EFFECT. No graphic sex scenes, but lots of
scenes of the effects of graphic sex are included. In my opinion, anyone
and everyone should read this. It's all about birth. It's a little gory,
but believe me, I cleaned it up A LOT! Muldertorture also included free of
charge. Enjoy. MSR, Story, PG-13


Last One Standing by mabtng

WA worldwide plague erupts and devastates the earth. Will Mulder and Scully survive it and the ensuing battle between good and evil? PG-13


Life Cycles 5 by Susan Proto

As Scully and Maggie deal with the "normal" last minute problems in the preparation for the impending nuptials, they fail to realize that Mulder is having some very real problems of his own. This is the fifth piece in the series. The stories are going in a chronological order, so for continuity's sake you might want to read the others first, but if you don't want to do that, I believe all of them could be stand alones, maybe. Rated PG-13


Long Weekend Part 1, Part 2 by Dee Ayy

Mulder takes a little trip with the Lone Gunmen, and things don't go as planned. PG-13


Perceptions by Mady Bay

Mulder and Scully have a difference of opinion, of sorts. Rated PG


Snow Crisis by Poor Mulder

Mulder's appendix seems to often misbehave when they're stuck in the snow... rated PG


Spectacular Lights and Chili Nights by Waddles52 & Little Bullit 89

When Mulder becomes ill during a raging snowstorm, Scully is forced to perform emergency surgery and deal with another surprise along the way. rated PG

The Hero & The Hostess by Matinee Mad