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For all those who have been *extremely* patient...thank you and enjoy!

It's been a long time coming.  ENJOY!

30 Seconds.  Susan -  Mulder angst, Scully angst, DAL Rating: PG SUMMARY: After Mulder is blinded in an explosion, he has to find a way to deal with his loss of sight, and Scully has to deal with her guilt.   254K

 Affrighted -  mimic117- Rated PG-13 to really R for Anglo-Saxon invectives. Category:  S, crossover. Setting:  post X-Cops with references to previous episodes. 
SUMMARY:  How do you fight your own fears? 36K

 Afterlife : Susan Rating: PG-13 for some bad words : Mulder angst  DeadAlive  

SUMMARY: All they've told me so far is what *they* could handle hearing, not what *I* could.  6K

All Best Laid Plans Of FBI Agents..  XSketch  R - for descriptive imagery that may disturb/upset younger readers. MT, ST, MSR, A, AU, SPOILERS: Up to Je Souhaite and then AU 31K

All the time in the world 1  100K    - All the time in the world 2  96K

Traveler  Adventure, Romance, Angst  R for  some minor violence and some nasty words.  The Truth and many many more from 9 years of the show. 

SUMMARY  This is the conclusion of a trilogy I started with YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.  I strongly suggest you read those stories first.  Mulder and Scully return to Washington only to find the revolution has started without them and soon learn there are many others like themselves who realize there's hope.

All Things Again (1 of 2)   Vickie Moseley, Rating:  PG13
SUMMARY:  Post Monday, Scully confronts another lifetime and Mulder is on the receiving end.  AU MT MSR A 58K

 Amore, Philadelphia Style  Pattie  Rated: PG-13.  MT, SA, MA, X-File,   H.  Memento Mori, Season 4.

SUMMARY: It's a couple of weeks until Valentine's Day, and amid the candy, flowers, and perfume, sometimes the nose doesn't know what it knows.  22K

Ángel de la Muerte  Skinfull  Rating: NC 17 Graphic MT Case file, X A  

SUMMARY: A man on death row has found a connection to the outside world.  172K

 'ANIMUS LIGNEUS' (Latin: 'Wooden Heart')  XSketch case-file, MSR 'Detour' specifically. Everything up to Je Souhaite and then AU.  PG-13

SUMMARY: Hot on the heels of their last case, Mulder and Scully are sent back to Florida and the woods to investigate when bodies start turning up encased in the bark of trees.  110K

Backlash Joann Humby   R (mostly for language)  X A posts 9

SUMMARY:  After a year on the run, a series of bombings mean that everyone agrees that it's time for Mulder and Scully to stop running. 306K

 'Because...I Love You?'  XSketch : Up to Je Souhaite and then AU.  There's a brief allusion to my VS11 'Love's A Beach', and Waddles52's VS10 'A Night To Remember' Valentine's Specials at IMTP's site. PG-13, I guess X, S, MSR, MT, A

SUMMARY: Thrills, spills...and gunshots.  Could Mulder be jeopardizing his and Scully's Valentine's Day for the last time? 22K

Breathless   Pattie  Imagery may not be suitable for those under 13. Reader and parental discretion is advised.  X-File, MT.

SUMMARY: After proving werewolf activity was not responsible for a double murder, Mulder and Scully are drawn into a case with more extreme possibilities. 26K

Broken Valentine-: Linda61   MT A  MSR   Written for Virtual Season 13 Valentine's Day Special Event .

SUMMARY: A short vacation to celebrate Valentine's Day, a race and lots of Mulder trouble. When I told you to 'break a leg' I meant 'good luck' Mulder, not to break a leg for real" Scully sighed, holding Mulder by his arm trying to get him down the stairs without further accidents. 14K

Choices =  Erin M. Blair  PG : VRA -- Vignette, Romance, Angst.            : Mulder/Scully UST.

SUMMARY: Mulder reflects about the deal at Scully's bedside.  3K

Cold Case -  Skinfull   PG  MT.

SUMMARY: Some believe that some cases are never meant to be solved.  Mulder is not one of them . 58K

 Color Games-  Susan , story,  PG,  Mulder angst and psychological torture, some disturbing images, Spoilers: Requiem, One Breath, Amor Fati

SUMMARY: I used to be able to escape into my imagination whenever I needed to, but now my mind feels gray and heavy and clouded with nothing but memories of my time here. 26K

Color me embarrassed- Skinfull MSR (Almost MSFluff!) 

SUMMARY: For the November MR challenge Theme: "Don't make me show / tell Scully" Muhaa haa haa  30K

Coming Up Roses =  mimic117, PG due to Anglo-Saxon invectives,
 V, H  Written for the Haven 600 Word Talk To Me Challenge.  Elements listed at the end.

SUMMARY:  Mulder comes up smelling like a rose -- literally.  3K

Confronting the Facts -  Vickie Moseley  Rated G,  MSR A
Spoiler:  DeadAlive (seeing the last scene of this ep is a necessity for the enjoyment of this story)

SUMMARY:  Continuing the scene after the door closed at the end of DeadAlive. 9K

 The Consequences of Our Actions - Jo-Ann Lassiter, PG-13, S, R, SUMMARY: Is someone out to get Mulder? AUTHOR'S NOTE: M&S are an established couple. 100K

Consequential Loss  Book 1,    - Joann Humby, RATING: R (strong language) CLASSIFICATION: X A DATE: April 2006 - Book 1 completed TIMELINE: S7 (with refs to S8) The complete story is now here. If you've been reading it in parts then you can jump directly to where you left off using these links.   Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12 

SUMMARY: A last minute intervention by Krycek changes Mulder's life forever, threatens to destroy Skinner, and sends Scully into a dangerous pursuit. 265 K

Conundrum - Skinfull Rating: PG 13, Classification: Fluff City (But honestly...who wouldn't like to see Mulder in nothing but a pair of leather chaps??? Oh...have I said too much? LOL)

SUMMARY Case file with a difference. Adult situations and some violence. Use reader discretion. ST: TNG Season 5 episode 114 of the same name inspired this fic. (Yes I am a Trek geek as well) What if something happened that cause partial amnesia in Mulder and Scully? 140K

COURTING SHAKESPEARE- A joint production by AnubisKV5 and Foxglove  MSR A MT

SUMMARY  Memorial day fun for Mulder, Scully and family. A peacefull day out goes array.  Author Notes: This piece of fiction is dedicated with thanks to AnubisKV5, because without her support, the wonderful suggestions and excellent beta, it probably never would have seen the light of day.  62K

Crazy Lights-  Skinfull, Rating: PG.

SUMMARY: VS "Lights in the Sky" Special. Just a bit of fluff for fun. (F.F.F.) The light was so bright she felt it burn through her tightly screwed eyelids. Her hair was whipped around her face and a strange humming sound exploded into the night air. Mulder was lying beside her with his hands over his head, trying desperately to cover them both with his body and the sleeping bag. Scully reached out one hand and grabbed him, holding onto his elbow as tight as she could when suddenly it was jerked away.  21K

Dark Places- Susan - , Classification: series of six vignettes that tell a story. Keywords: dark Mulder angst, disturbing content (at least it may be for some) Rating: R, Spoilers: post-Ascension, pre-One Breath

SUMMARY: You just want to feel.  15K

Desperately Seeking-  Pattie, Rated: PG-13, for a naughty word. Category: Mulder Angst, POV, Vignette, Spoilers: Duane Barry, Ascension. 4K

SUMMARY: Mulder works out his pain in a Journal as he looks for Scully.

Emergence -  Susan , Classification: story, Keywords: MSR, angst, Rating: PG, Spoilers: This story takes place in late February after the events of SUZ and Closure.  References to Beyond the Sea, Anasazi, Demons, and All Souls. 89K

SUMMARY: Mulder goes to Quonochontaug to sort out hislife after the events of Sein Und Zeit and Closure.

En Veritae  -   mimic117, Rating:  PG-13-ish, mild R maybe for bad language ( and non- graphic sex, just once) Category:  SA, Spoilers: Jersey Devil, Duane Barry, 3, Ascension, nothing after One Breath.
SUMMARY:  Scully’s still missing and Mulder’s lost in a snowstorm looking for her.  Is his shelter from the storm all it seems?  64K

Evanescent -  Susan , Classification: story, alternate universe I guess, since this is about a *what if* situation. Rating: PG, chapter three rated R. Keywords: big time angst for all those involved, Spoilers: Duane Barry, and other brief references to various episodes from the first two seasons of the show.  Takes place early in season two. Author's notes: What if during the course of season two, Mulder was the one who was abducted by Duane Barry and Scully was the one frantically trying to find him? This story takes a look at how things might have played out had that been the case...

SUMMARY: One abduction. Two lives turned upside down. 98K

FACES OF FREEDOM - Traveler, Written for Virtual Season 13 Memorial Day Special. This story follows the events of the VS universe. Rated:  PG13 for a few bad words

SUMMARY:  A little moment of remembrance we often overlook.  22K

Fevers of the Mind 1 38 K  part 2  31K = Vickie Moseley, Rating: Warning, some sexual content (though fleeting and limited descriptions)  MT, MA, SA,       archive: yes. Notes: Thanks to everyone at Mulder's Refuge for         keeping me sane.

SUMMARY: Between 'you . . . help . . . me' and    Scully coming to Mulder's door in Amor Fati -- a whole lot happened.

Finding Her-   Vickie Moseley, X, MT, UST , PG-13, additional note:  Although this might appear early on as a Mulder/Other, rest assured that is not what happens. It came out longer than I thought. Hugs and kisses to Ten for beta and to everyone who poked me on Mulder's Refuge.  My backside is a little sore, but I got the job done!

SUMMARY:  Post Aubrey.  Mulder finds a connection to the case that he never could have expected.  69K

FINDING THE FUTURE - Traveler, Rating:  PG-13 for a few nasty words and a little MT. Classification:  X-File, MSR

SUMMARY:  The question of mankind's fate is explored when Mulder finds himself looking through a window to the future. Authors Notes:  This story was written exclusively for VS12, some knowledge of that universe is helpful but not necessary.  The VS universe picks up after Je Souhaite, this is five years later.  More notes at the end.   112K

 From The Heart - Foxglove, Category: Valentine's Day

 SUMMARY: Scully doesn't want a commercialized holiday. Mulder goes    to great lengths to give in to her heart's desires. Written for Virtual Season 13's Valentine's Day Special Event  40 K

 Fuoco Per Vita - XSketch , RATING: PG,  S, UST, (come on! when wasn't the show about UST?!), MT, SC, mini-casefile, and a tiny smidgen of myth-arc and angst.

SUMMARY: Not all freaks are bad, but they can still be very            dangerous - a lesson Mulder doesn't learn soon enough. 38K

Genetic Appetite - Pattie, Rated: PG, Spoiler(s): Squeeze, Tooms.  Whatever Season you want it to take place. Category: Angst, MT 

SUMMARY: Who would have guessed THIS villain was capable of having progeny? 17K

God and Bad Planning - Martin Ross ,Category: Crossover casefile, Rating: R for language.

SUMMARY: When a serial killer is loose and a curiously ill Katrina survivor seems to be involved, Mulder and Scully meet a formidable adversary -- Dr. Gregory House. 57K

Greenwich Is Lovely In The Spring - Pattie , Rated: PG , Spoilers: None Set in Season 7. Category: MT, MA.

SUMMARY: Greenwich is lovely in the spring; an early hurricane is not. 11K

Happy Turkey Trot -  Pattie, Rated: PG, Category: M, S, UST, Mulder/Scully torture, post-Ep. Spoiler: How The Ghosts Stole Christmas.

SUMMARY: Scully never did make it to the family roll call, and here's why. 9K

Home Alone - Truthwebothknow1 ,Rating:  PG13, Category:  MT MSR ANGST . Written for the Virtual Season 13's Valentine's Day Special

SUMMARY:  It could have been a particularly pleasant dream but  he was vaguely aware of her featherlike lips whispering in his ear, touching against his face as he rolled over. A whimpering noise escaped his throat and his chest heaved against the heavy duvet. Then a small hand slid around his waist bringing warmth and unutterable peace as it settled over his heart. 40K

Imperfect Penance=  mimic117.  MSR A , :  I have to admit, CC and Co did a splendid job with the episode, so I'm willing to give them credit where credit is due.  Just don't get me started on Seasons 8 and 9. You naughty thing...  Written for the Haven "Speak To Me, Baby" 310 Word Challenge, May 2003.

SUMMARY:  I didn't want to keep her in the dark.  I swear to you, I would
have told her everything because I know she worries about me. 
But Skinner and the goon from the CIA said I couldn't bring
Scully into it in any way, shape or form.  I wasn't *allowed* to
tell her, for my sake as well as her own. 3K

Insight BOOK 1 - Joann Humby ,  R (language, violence, child victims), X A SPOILERS: Starts during FaD and takes a new direction. Fox. Mulder's soul belongs to DD, for which I'm truly thankful.

SUMMARY: Suppose Scully arrived at the hospital two minutes later in Folie a Deux.  NOTES: Content warnings not supplied. Sorry. Though I consider this story complete in itself, it may be the start of an occasional series. 42 K

Insight II - Dark Fire. - Joann Humby  R (language, violence), X A SPOILERS: See Insight for background - it's kind of post-FaD!

SUMMARY: Mulder looks for a firestarter. Scully looks at the job that Mulder offered her. A sequel to Insight. Suppose Scully arrived at the hospital two minutes later in Folie a Deux. Imagine after having worked apart for two years, Mulder and Scully need to work together again. 48K

Insight III: - WakeUp Call - Joann Humby , R (language, off-screen violence, child victims)  X A. SPOILERS: Starts during FaD and takes a new direction.

SUMMARY:  Following an assault in FaD, Mulder can see dead people as if they were alive. Scully and Mulder have been working apart for two years but are now both working at Quantico. NOTE: Though there is no graphic violence in the story, the story deals with child victims and distressing subject matter. 63 K

Insight Insight4 - Shutdown - Joanna Humby,  R (violence, disturbing imagery) CLASSIFICATION: X A ,  Starts during FaD and takes a new direction.

SUMMARY: A research lab is housing terrible secrets. Mulder has the key to the door. BACKGROUND: Suppose Scully arrived at the hospital two minutes later in Folie a Deux - what could have happened next. After two years working apart, Mulder and Scully need to work together again, but Mulder's got a secret that keeps getting in the way. A refresher on the Insight timeline. It's two years after FaD - so Krycek's alive, as is CSM. As we're effectively in an AU S7, where some bits of S6 and S7 happened - Daryl Musashi is dead. Clear as mud - yes? 63K

Insight V - Overload - Joann Humby , R (violence) CLASSIFICATION: X A

SUMMARY: Trapped by a serial killer, Mulder's paying the price for his gift.  57K

Insight Past - Past Tense - Joann Humby ,  R, language)CLASSIFICATION: X A  SPOILERS: Starts during FaD and takes a new direction .

SUMMARY: Suppose Scully had arrived at the hospital two minutes later in Folie a Deux. The Insight series starts during Folie a Deux and takes a sharp detour. This is a trip into the past, effectively a "missing scene" from the very beginning of the Insight timeline.  31K

Journey (whole story) - Susan - Classification: MSR Keywords: angst, romance, sexual situations Rating: PG, chapter eight, rated.  R  S1-7. This takes place after the events of Requiem, then goes off in a direction completely different from the actual show so I guess you would consider it to be an alternate universe story.  In other words, as you read this you need to keep your mind open to any and all extreme possibilities.:)

 SUMMARY: After Mulder returns from his abduction, he and Scully end up going on a journey they never planned on...  231K

Latrodectus - Vickie Moseley, Category:  V, A, MT, Rating:  One curse, the rest is pretty harmless.

SUMMARY:  Written for VS 13 Halloween Special Event.  Scully goes trick or treating with Tara and the kids, but was it wise to leave Mulder alone for the night? Author's notes:  I've been dying to do this one for a long time and finally it fell into place.  Hope everyone takes it in the 'spirit' it's given. 24 K

 'Last Chance To Turn Around 1) 7K (series) prts  2) 25K , 3,) 13K 4,) 16K 5,) 17K  6 ) 13K    XSketch, SPOILER WARNING: Everything up until 'Nothing Important Happened Today' ...Ooh, and does a quote from one of my other fics count? LOL, RATING: PG, CLASSIFICATION: V, MSR, MA

SUMMARY:  They say Hell is Repetition, and Mulder has to live in his own version: leaving Scully again.

Liquescent (complete) - Susan -, Classification: story, alternate universe I guess, since this is about a *what if* situation Rating: PG, Keyword: Mulder physical and emotional angst, Spoilers: This scenario takes place during the latter part of season four. Brief references to various episodes from the first four seasons of the show.

SUMMARY: What if during the course of season four, Mulder was the one who found out he had cancer instead of Scully? This story takes a look at how things might have played out had that been the case...   151K

Little White Lie -   mimic117 Rating:  NC-17 for adult subject matter.  Nothing graphic, though. Category:  S, PWP, mild MT, Spoilers:  nada, zip, bupkis. Keywords:  M/S UST, one-bed fic

SUMMARY:  Sometimes a little white lie will get you in a lot less
trouble than the whole truth.  23 K

 Love Bites Sally Bahnsen .
MT MSR Rating -   you should probably be able to cope with the occasional bad word and implied sexual situations. Written for Virtual Season 13's Valentine Days Special.

SUMMARY: The dog belongs in the pound. 40 K

Moose on the Loose:  A Nice Trip to the Forest -  Vickie Moseley
Spoilers: None, Category:  MT, SA, SkT Rating:  G
Written for Mulder's Refuge July 'Moose on the Loose' contest.

SUMMARY: Mystical woods, rampaging creatures,
just another day in the X files division. 36K

Mortuus Iterum -  Skinfull   Rating: NC 17 , Classification: Case file for VS 13--complete with all gory scenes

SUMMARY: Various Murders are occurring in the DC area with a hint of familiarity to them.  167 K

Mulder's Horribly Worn Shoes -  Erin Blair, RATING: PG,  CATEGORIES: SRHA -- Story, Romance, Humor, Angst.         KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully Romance.  SPOILERS: Season Seven.

SUMMARY: Mulder decides to replace his old shoes, remembering            the countless times that his co-workers teased him. 8K

My Dream of Scully with the Dark Red Hair - Vickie Moseley. Crossover, (SCRUBS)  MT, SA H,  archive:  2 weeks exclusive with Virtual Season 13, then anywhere. Written for the Virtual Season 13 Crossover Special

SUMMARY:  Dr. JD Dorian of Sacred Heart Hospital comes face to face with his latest fantasy girl -- Special Agent Dana Scully.  Too bad she had to bring her partner with her.  22K 

None So Blind 1) 23K  , 2,) 29K  3,) 22K  4,) 17K 5) 11K    - bcfan  RATING :strong NC-17 for disturbing content. Please heed the warning. SPOILERS: post-episode, Fallen Angel CATEGORY: X (casefile), M/S UST A.  NOTES at the end.

SUMMARY: Child sexual abuse cases leave Mulder and Scully struggling for resolution. NOTES at the end.

Not An Exercise in Subtlety - Satina   Rating:  NC-17 MT  A  SMUT and lots of it.  Category:  M/S, A, S, MulderTorture, Post-Ep (Anasazi), somewhat non-consensual sex, MSR

SUMMARY:  Mulder does something he normally wouldn't, while under the influence of the psychotropic substances in his water supply, as well as the grief and confusion over his father's death.  You MUST see Anasazi or this will not make sense. 114 K

Not My Usual Job Description - Waddles 52, Category:  MT, ST, M/S/Sk friendship.   Written for the June MR open theme challenge. 

SUMMARY:  When both Mulder and Scully are injured while away on an assignment, Skinner comes to town to lend a helping hand. 41K

Now You See Him -  mimic117, Rating:  PG-13 to R for Anglo-Saxon invectives, Category:  X, Setting: Season 7-ish, but before Je Souhaite

SUMMARY:  Be careful what you wish for -- you might get it.  61K

Only Skin Deep  PRT 1,)111K    2 ,) 103 K  -  mimic117,  Rating:  NC-17 with some very disturbing content,  Category:  MT, S, A, M/S established relationship. Setting:  Season 7-ish.  That always seemed like the best time for them to get it on.  That's just mho, of course. NOTE:  There's a vignette prequel to this story called "In Sight."  You don't have to read it in order to understand this story, but it does give some added insights into one character.
SUMMARY:  "Squinting against the ache in his head, Mulder
tried to focus.  Waist-length blonde hair framed a lovely,
heart-shaped face.  Bright blue eyes were surrounded by thick,
black lashes.  A button nose perched above a full, cupid's-bow
mouth.  Her petite body was lushly curved and definitely not a
child's, in spite of the piping voice which made her sound like
one. Her voice was vaguely familiar although he was pretty
sure he'd never seen her face before.  He did recognize the
gun pointed at him, though.  It was his."   

Operation PS2 -  Kathy Foote, MSR ,   Category: Humor. Authors' note: This story was written for IMTP Virtual Season 13, Thanksgiving Day Special.

SUMMARY: Who knew so much strategy went into planning a        shopping trip 28 K  

Out of the Blue -  WhaleyF  I don't own them CC and Fox do. MA MT, Written for the Mulder's refuge Golden gurney challenge. April. Act of God theme.

SUMMARY:  Strolling outside of the federal building Mulder frowned. Someone else was in his favorite spot. That was HIS spot. And he wasn't a happy camper finding someone in HIS spot. Scully caught up with her partner and was surprised to find him, shifting from foot to foot, pouting. 4K

Perfect for the Job - Susan - , Classification: story, Keyword: Mulder angst, Spoilers: Redux II, Dialogue used in the latter part of the story is taken directly from Redux II.

SUMMARY: "You have a special gift, 34, and I want you to use that gift tonight."  28K

Prayers Answered -  Wylfcynne , DISTRIBUTION: We will be at home at  http://www.wordsinrows.com/; if you want it anywhere else, please ask; that way I'll know where it all goes, so I can visit. RATING: NC-17,      CLASSIFICATION: post-ep, MulderTorture, MSR, SMUTFIC

SUMMARY: "I'd like to see my partner, doctor," Scully insisted         politely. "He was captured and being held hostage on board a rail car set with explosives. He'd just managed to escape when we lost contact. That was over fifteen hours ago. And he'd been in the field on a hot pursuit for several days."  This is my entry into the Fandomonium  First-Time-Smutfic Challenge; my episode: 731.  59K

Puppy Love prt 1 (48K   prt 2  33K-  Waddles 52, MT MSR , Rating:  PG 13, Spoiler:  Beyond the Sea, Detour

Summary:  Running an errand for Skinner turns deadly when the agents are ambushed.  Injured and stranded in the woods, will they find help in time?

Rendezvous - Touchstone , Mulderbation, RATED: NC-17, SPOILERS: None, well, maybe a *very* slight one for "Small Potatoes".

SUMMARY: A different kind of Mulder torture. My apologies to Mulder, for leaving him in the constant state of arousal for weeks at a time, poor guy.  17K

She Who Hath Ears, Let Her Hear =  Pattie Rated: PG-13 , Category: MSR, MT, Myth Arc, Angst. Spoilers: Fight The Future, Season 6, first half of Season 7, and after All Things.

SUMMARY: There's another experiment, in the Arctic this time, and Mulder ventures there to bring back concrete evidence, with some interference. Meanwhile, Scully fights her own inner turmoil and learns to listen to her feelings. 29K

Shooting Hoops 1,) 49K   2) 35K   - XSketch and Sally Bahnsen , CATEGORY: MSR, MT, A,   RATING: PG-13.....maybe a little more for violence and language, DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Scully are our slaves to be emotionally or physically tortured whenever we wish. Huh? Oh, apparently there's new rules: some guy called CC and a big ol' corporation called Fox own 'em :( Just as well we get no monetary benefit out of this then, isn't it? LOL

SUMMARY: One crazed fan, one ignorant athlete, one game and two FBI agents do not mix. Could this night *really* get any worse? Hell yes!

Sky People, Waddles 52, Spoilers:  Very slight for Detour. Rating: Tame enough for any 12 year old. Author's Notes:  This will be presented in several parts due to its length.         

SUMMARY:  A search for missing students in the Daniel Boone National Forest has UFO overtones.  A new truth is revealed as the agents struggle to make it out alive. 83 K

Sleepless Town -  bcfan , SPOILERS: This story takes place between 'Ascension' and '3' NOTES at the end.

SUMMARY: Sleepless Town demands sacrifice. 4 K  

Softball Accident - Erin M. Blair ,  RATING: PG , CATEGORIES: SRA -- Story, Romance, Angst. KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully Romance.       SPOILERS: Up to JeSouhaite. VS 12 episode: Displacement.          DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Scully belong to Chris Carter; Agent Jim Rodgers belongs to me.

SUMMARY: Nothing could go wrong while Mulder plays softball... Or        does it? This story was written for the Sports Challenge fic at the Virtual     Season 13.  11K

South by Southwest - Pattie , Rated: PG , Category: Case file, MT. spoilers: None.  Set it in Season 6.

SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully ride the rails to nail a pair of jewel thieves. Written for the "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles" Theme for the Mulder's Refuge December Challenge, 2004.  19K

Speechless In Scully's Care -  Pattie , Rated: PG-13. Time frame: Around Season 5. Category: MA, SA, MT. 

SUMMARY: Mulder suffers a mild stroke and must endure rehab. 10K

Stuff of Nightmares - Pattie , Rated: PG , Category: MA. MT. Vignette Time frame: Season 6.

SUMMARY :  *It shouldn't have come to this. It shouldn't be so hard, he kept telling himself. *Sooner or later, everything just piles up and you have to unload it or crack. But I'm strong enough not to crack. I just put it off to the side.* 9K

'Take Me Out With The Ball Team' - XSketch, RATING: PG CATEGORY: S, MSR, MT, A, SPOILERS: General knowledge of the show - particularly the Biogenesis trilogy necessary.  Also a brief poke at VS12's 'Finding The Future' by Traveler, and a tiny reference to 'Resist Or Serve' (the video game) you'll only notice if you've played it and paid attention :-)

SUMMARY: She prays for the time when they can share a 'normal' day out together, but it looks like she's not going to be answered today. AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written for the VS12 'Spring Sports Spectacular Special'  34K

Tale Of Two Hard Drives - Pattie , Rated: PG-13, Category: MT, Casefile Spoiler(s): Pick a season. Fill your boots.

SUMMARY: Trouble with a computer hard drive and a hard drive for Mulder at gunpoint. It's a long day for our driven agent. 24K

Tenebrous prt 1) 43K prt 2 46K  =  Vickie Moseley, Written for Virtual Season 13, Category:  MT, CD (assumed) SA, Rating:  E for everyone , Author's notes:  This is the VS 13 season finale.  It is written as a cliffhanger with the conclusion coming in the VS 13 summer blockbuster:  Virtual Season X:  Tintabulation. 

SUMMARY}  A case in California has sinister undercurrents. .One more thing -- do you trust me? 

The Anonymous Ones - Susan - .  Classification: vignette ,Rating: G, Spoiler: Anasazi.

SUMMARY: Why does a beautiful woman like her need a room with two beds? 8K

THE AUTUMN PEOPLE -   Traveler , Rating:  PG-13 for a few nasty words Classification:  X-File, Angst, MSR, and a little MT

SUMMARY:  Mulder and Scully encounter a touch of evil and do a little soul searching in the heartland of America Spoilers:  I'm sure you'll find some references to things in the series, also VS12 season opener and PHOENIX RISING (VS11) 92K

They Call Him AGENT Mulder. -  Pattie , Rated:  Read it only if you're over 13, because there's some violence in parts. Category:  Scully POV, MT, H, Angst. Spoiler(s): Bits of The Pilot, Squeeze, Tooms, Seasons 1 through 7. (Yes.  Orts.  As in minuscule pieces.) 

SUMMARY:  Scully describes several incidents of remarks and actions ridiculing Mulder for his beliefs and investigations of cases involving the paranormal. 22K

The Dog Whisperer -   Pattie ,  Rated: PG mild. Category: Missing Scene, MT, Investigation,  Spoilers: War of the Cophorages, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose. 

SUMMARY: Just after the case of the cockroach hysteria, Scully's dog Queequeg reacts strangely while on an outing through an old neighborhood. Why? 20K

The Fine Art of Basketball - Kathy Foote, Category: mild MSR and lite MT

SUMMARY: Mulder attempts to teach Matthew the fine art of basketball Category: mild MSR and lite MT, Archive: Two weeks exclusive with VS13, then anywhere is fine by me,  Authors' note: This story was written for IMTP Virtual Season 13, Sports Special, 20 k

The Mindhunter -  Vickie Moseley, Category:  crossover, X ,Rating: good for all.

SUMMARY:  Medium/The X-Files crossover.  The Phoenix area District Attorney's resident psychic, Alison Dubois, is about to make the acquaintance of the FBI's top profiler and his enigmatic partner.  None of them will ever be the same. Disclaimer:  (Crossovers make these things so complicated).  Thanks to Kelsey Grammar, also known as Dr. Frasier Crane for Alison Dubois and her family and co-workers.  Thanks to Chris Carter for Mulder and Scully and seven wonderful years plus some episodes later.  Thanks to me for putting them all together, stirring gently for five minutes and 'voila'!  No copyright infringement intended in any case.Written for the Virtual Season 13 Crossover Special. Archive:  Two weeks exclusive on VS 13 and then everywhere Dedication kisses to:  Martin, who bugged the bejeebees out of me until I finally in desperation got this baby written -- back at ya, big guy!  Lisa, who did such wonderful artwork and made me go back and fix the ending.  Donnaj, Randi, Sally, T (and baby Erin) and all the VS producers and writers and artists and betas old and new who have kept the dream alive. 54K

The Park of Hidden Memories - Erin M. Blair, RATING: PG ,        CATEGORIES: SA -- Story, Angst. KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully friendship. Pre-XF. SPOILERS: Little Green Men. Small spoilers for: Pilot, Conduit, Duane Barry, Ascension, and One Breath.

SUMMARY: Scully and Melissa were walking in the park when they approached a young boy -- Mulder -- sitting on a bench and looking as though he lost his way.  Note, This story takes place a few days after Samantha's abduction. Although Mulder and Scully's initial meeting in this story was just pure friendship, there is a slight DAL (deep abiding love)       mixed in.  6K

The Pattern - Joann Humby (jowrites)  R for Strong language and adult themes ,  X A R , TIMELINE: Pre-XF and S7 (with refs to S8) WARNING: Includes discussion of suicide, religion and other adult themes. No other keywords given, sorry - they'd be spoilers for the story.  

SUMMARY: For Mulder, catching Monty Props the first time was hard. The second time it nearly killed him. Third time lucky? A mix of pre-XF and XF days. A story of Monty Props, Bill Patterson, Diana Fowley and Walter Skinner. And of course Mulder and Scully. A tale of two love affairs, two bosses and a series of murders. 344K

The Shadows have eyes -  Foxglove,  Rating Strong R Adult situations , violence, Category MT Angst MSR, Spoilers Brand X , Disclaimer. Do we really need these. We know and love Cc for Inventing the X, files and giving us hours of fun and fanfic addictions. Fox also gets royalties. No harm No foul.

SUMMARY:  Stubborn, exasperating, opinionated, aggravating; her brain supplied a non-stop list of adjectives that described her partner. Infuriating, relentless, impatient, complicated. She recalled clearly the look on his face as he tried to convince her of the authenticity of a new case. His sleek silky hair with the single lock that kept falling over his forehead, which made him look so much like a little boy. His expressive eyes gleaming with a barely contained enthusiasm, the way the very corners of his pouty mouth turned upward in an attempt to win her over. A pair of charcoal pants riding low on his hips, his tie already askew this early in the morning, shirtsleeves rolled to just above his elbows with the fine hair on his arms quivering from the strong breeze of the air conditioner. 145K

The Way to Somewhere -  Susan , Classification: story, Keywords: an angst-a-rama for both Mulder and Scully Rating: PG-13, some disturbing images Spoilers: Three Words

SUMMARY: Mulder's finally home from the hospital after his miraculous recovery from his abduction, but is he really okay?  As for Scully, she's not doing very well either. 21K

Tintabulation-   VS 13 Producers (Donnaj, Martin Ross, Traveler, and Vickie Moseley , Artists:  Donnaj, Martin Ross, Truthwebothknow1 (Lisa) Videographer:  XSketch , Rating:  Mature Audiences for violence and torture. Category:  Movie , Spoilers:  Relies heavily on Televised Seasons 1 - 7 and Virtual Seasons 8 - 13 ,(read 'Previously on VS 13,All comments, feedback, etc should be addressed to [email protected]

SUMMARY/TEASER :  Place: Unknown, Time: 2321 hours, Seventy-nine hours earlier They were shrouded in black fabric. These men, part of the "Ghosting team", if not for their mission and the secrecy that surrounded their duties might have looked comical. Dressed head to toe in black, all wearing black ninja-masks to cover their identities and all wearing double-gloved surgical gloves to protect themselves and their detainees from contamination. Team X had just received the fifth and hopefully final ghost detainee to be processed. The white male strapped to a backboard and was semi-conscious; vomit coated his suit and had ruined his tie. One of the team has noticed that the suit was not cheap. It was a quick thought, as this information didn't matter to the Team's objective.  240K

Twisted  - mimic117,  Rating:  Just R.  I know - I'm as stunned as you.
Category:  XRH,  Spoilers:  Pretty much everything up until Biogenisis. Some specific references to past cases. Keywords:  Mulder/Scully RST (that means SEX, but not lurid)

SUMMARY:  During tornado season, an unusual number of people are being killed in spite of the warning system. But before they can find out *who* is causing the deaths, Mulder and Scully need to discover *how* these people are dying.  268K

Until the Sky Falls - Susan -,  Classification: vignette, Spoilers: The Truth/ Keywords: colonization, death (translation: this story does NOT have a happy ending) Author's notes at the end.

SUMMARY: They tried to stop things, they tried to make a difference, but in the end all they can do is wait for the sky to fall. 4K

Vito Belmondo - Pattie  , Rated: PG-13 , Category:  MA, SA, MT, Case file. Spoiler(s): Somewhere in Season 5.

SUMMARY: A "pot shot" or attempted murder?  Mulder enters The Boston Marathon and doesn't get past the starting line. 28K

Waiting Room Inside My Head -  Erin M. Blair , RATING: PG ,           CATEGORIES: VA -- Vignette, Angst. KEYWORDS: None.             SPOILERS: Pilot, Conduit, Little Green Men.

SUMMARY: Inside my head, I'm constantly in the waiting room,            reliving the events of my childhood where my sister still plays Stratego with me on that fateful night.  3K

Where In The World Is Dana Scully? -  Pattie , Rated: PG-13 , Category: UST, MT, Story. Spoiler(s): Season 2.

SUMMARY: It's early in their partnership, Mulder thinks Scully is missing, and he meets with misadventure. 20 K

While Daring Greatly -  mimic117 & Dan Walker, Rating:  G  (apologies to all mimic's enablers - no smut this time) Category:  S, A, Spoilers:  Everything up to season 7 of the show.  We just couldn't figure out how to work Doggett, Reyes, and William into the story, so they don't exist.  Maybe someone should let them know.  Keywords:  Character Death a long time in the past, Post-col, first person POV, all dialogue

SUMMARY:  In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people
is kept alive through the simplest means. 22K

Whips, Chains and Murder =  Pattie , Rated: PG-17, Category: MT, Investigation. 

SUMMARY: Mulder takes on more than he can handle when he is assigned to investigate deaths of customers of a house of ill repute. Author's Note:  Written because Lisa at Mulder's Refuge dared me to do so, as Mulder deserves to suffer "The Perils of Ditching". 18 K

'Wish, William' - XSketch , RATING: PG-13 for language and violence, CLASSIFICATION: Take one MSR, add lashings of A and a sprinkling ofMT/ST, prepare for four years post-colonisation, set a character NEAR death and you have this fic! SPOILERS: The whole series

SUMMARY: Post-colonisation Christmas celebrations bring a visitor, request for the truth and the passing on of a wish.  66K

Wishing you a merry Christmas. - Vickie Moseley ,Category: Holiday, Rating: PG, Spoilers: VS12: Displacement

SUMMARY: Mulder discovers that at Christmas, the most unusual heroes can be found in the most unusual places.  32K